1.Quick Steps to do best Seo audit:

Best Seo audit for your website using seoprofiler is the one place where you can know the performances of the website. For preparing to index in the search engines the website should not contain any errors. The visitors should not feel any inconvenient while viewing your website. It means your website should be free from errors. The website audit tool is the best tool in the seoprofiler which fixes all the errors on the website. In order to rank high keep visitors on the website through your efforts.

A website audit makes sure that the search engines can index all the web pages accurately on the Google. Once the errors are listed and removed your website can rank better.

When you create a new project, the seoprofiler will automatically check your website.
Once the website audit is done you can see the overview page with the errors, performances, spelling mistakes, warnings, and notices on the website. You need to solve those issues and fix them for proper ranking.

Next you can also get errors related to the building of the links i.e linking to internal as well as the external page errors, robot.txt files and you can also get the issues related to the speed of the pages, all needed to be solved for getting good results.

2. Finding the Perfect Keywords:

It’s well known that all the people search through the keywords because keywords are the key to doing anything on your website. People search on the Google through the keywords only. All the searches are made through the keywords. We can come across 3 types of keywords. They are through browsing on the net of any type, comparing the two and buying. Here the intention plays the major role i.e browsing means the person searches for the particular kind “History of books, comparing means science books list, he may buy and the buying intention looks for the price of the science books.

Seoprofiler helps to get the best keywords from the keyword tools. Use the keyword suggestion tool in the seoprofiler helps to get keyword ideas and suggestions for the good SEO. You can benefit a lot from the competitor’s keywords. You see the keywords of the competitor using the Google AdWords. Use the WDF Keyword Analyzer analyzes the keywords the competitor using on any page. By entering the URL of the competitor page in the WDF Keyword Analyzer one can get the keywords list used on that page of the competitor.

You can use the keyword difficulty tool to know how difficult the keyword and how it ranks on the Google if used on the website. You can optimize the keywords list for the SEO or SEM(Paid search advertising). If you use right keywords you will get the customers a lot of buying and more sales are done.

3.Optimizing the web pages:

If you’re web pages appear in the first pages of the Google search engine results then you can say that your website posts are optimized to a great extent. If your pages appear on the first page of Google then you can say that it had all the requirements that Google wants. The top 10 optimizers of the seoprofiler will analyze your website and tell you to want needs to be done for better optimization. It compares with the top ranked pages with your own pages and look for the changes that had to be done to give best results.

Optimizing the web pages with the top 10 optimizers of the seoprofiler is very easy.
Simply enter the web page and the keyword you want to rank for and select the country in which you want to know the rank. You can also do a comparison between the pages and then create the report. In the report at the right end, you can see the things needed to be changed with the to do option. Click on the to do and do modifications accordingly.

4.Analyze and improve the backlinks:

The God links carry high ranking whereas the bad links will get penalized by the Google. The proper building of the links on the website makes the position of ranking on the Google. You need to analyze and optimize the link structure of the website. Also, analyze the competitor links and benefit from their work.

The link profiler tool in the seoprofiler will help you to analyze the links of any website. In the link profiler tool enter the URL of the website for analyzing the links. You can use the filters option to get analyze any particular link very fast and easily. You can view the links in the menu page to know better about the links originate and destinations. You’re linking demonstrate more in giving a good ranking percentage.

5.Monitor website UPtime:

Monitor website Uptime will show or intimate you whenever the website is not online. If so you can lose your customers. By using this uptime you can monitor your pages easily. By entering the URL of the pages I and then click add to the page. You need to add a page to the Uptime monitor. Enter the page that has to be monitored, the user agent for example desktop or mobile, and fill the Check the interval time and add the page to the Uptime monitor.

The Uptime monitor will send you an email message when your website is down and also view the history of the website uptime.

6.Analyze the competitor adwords and SEO campaigns:

You can look at your competitor AdWords and seo techniques used to boost the excellence. You can save money by avoiding the errors. You can increase your income junction by finding the best ads and keywords which will give you more ROI. Newmarket for the business is possible with the AdWords profiler tool in the seoprofiler. Analyzing the Google Adwords campaigns of the competitor will help you to get new ideas for your campaigns. Enter the URL of the website that has advertised on the website. View the ads and keywords of the competitor and add them, benefit from their work.

Benefit from the top performing pages of the competitor, find the targeted visitor and the customers with some particular keywords list. Enter the URL that you need to analyze and view the rankings and keywords that drive more traffic and income to the competitors. Add the keywords and benefit from the competitors work.

7.Monitor the social media:

Check whether the website is getting spread on the social media. Are there any positive or negative feedback about the company, products, and services. Is there any Q and Anon the sites related to the products. You need to check all these to increase the reputation online.

For monitoring, you need to connect to the social media such as Twitter and then enter keywords and feeds that needed to be monitored. You need to view the tweets, blog entries and questions that contain the keywords. The social network monitor will help you to get or track the conversations of the company regarding the products and any other benefits too.