6 Best SEO analysis tips to increase Google Ranking.

Do you know the reason why your website ranks very low on the Google search engine?

Yeah, you can perform or know the SEO analysis for any website and need to do a proper research on the SEO analysis. You should fix the errors indeed to make available your website for best SEO ranking.

Most of the webmaster is looking for security, to gain customer trust and an SSL certificate works very well in this scenario. An SSL Certificate offers encryption security, to a website and protects all information travels between user browser and server. Once an admin installs SSL Certificate on their web server; the SSL certificate enables HTTPS along with green padlock icon in the user browser. Getting an SSL Certificate is easy and simple; you can purchase from any reputed SSL Certificate provider like Cheap SSL Shop.

1.HTML Declaration

DOCTYPE HTML is the Document Type Definition for the HTML versions. In simple terms, it is known as DTD. Doctypes are majorly used to let browsers know which type of HTML or XHTML versions you are using. If you leave the Doctype as empty then the browser will render uncertain results where your pages might appear abnormal. Your browser will render the quicker mode rather than standard mode if you leave Doctype unspecified.

The Doctype is the first thing to be specified in the HTML document before the HTML tag. It’s just an instruction to the web browser about the version of HTML you are using. The HTML 4.01 is based on the SGML markup language so the Doctype is referred to as DTD.

Syntax for Doctype Declaration:

<!DOCTYPE root-element PUBLIC “FPI” [“URL”] [
<!-- internal subset declarations→


<!DOCTYPE root-element SYSTEM “URL” [
<!-- internal subset declarations→


HTML5 is not based on SGML so it doesn’t require a reference to DTD.

We can declare as follows when using HTML5 version.

<!DOCTYPE html>

The keywords PUBLIC and the SYSTEM are the ones which tell the browser what kind of DTD it is i.e it is on the private system or open to the public. If the PUBLIC keyword is parsed then it is identified by the FPI(Formal Public Identifier) and if the SYSTEM keyword is used it is identified as the system.

For example, the FPI for the XHTML 1.1 has 3 possible system identifiers. If system keyword is used then only system identifier needs to be given.


elements the following browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, and Safari. The is not also a case-sensitive you can also check, it works fine with the !doctype. You can declare in 3 ways for the HTML 4.01 version whereas for the HTML5 only one type declaration. HTML 4.01 declarations can be in strict, transitional and frameset formats.

2.Link Building

If you are a newbie to the blog do not worry. You can spread your blog around the world by following some tips. As a blogger to increase the DA i.e domain authority or PA to your blog you need to build a quality backlinks to your website.

Building links are not as easy as writing a quality content. If you won’t give or follow a proper structure to your outgoing links, your website content will go dispersed into falsy websites.

As a blogger you need to show keen interest to increase the SEO ranking for your website then only you can achieve your target. If you need to create do-follow links to your website on other websites which a higher DA than you. This can be done by commenting on the blog posts of other websites, giving a sponsored or guest post or through forum interactions and through resource pages.

You might be not aware of the websites which accept, guest or sponsor posts.

Here there is a simple magic to find out the websites which accept your comments, guest or sponsor posts.

The drop my link is a website where you can get the sites which accept the guest, forums, sponsor posts for building your backlinks and to increase the domain authority. Your website traffic can also be increased in this scenario.

You need to select the category to show which websites accept the comments, forums, guest post, and sponsored links as well as. Instead of searching google for the websites or sending or commenting all the websites for dofollow links you can send dofollow links only to the selected websites based on the drop my link.

SEO analysis

3.Image Optimization:

In order to increase the speed load time of the website or save more space on your website for future you need to do image optimization. Reducing the size of the image to your possible extent without scarifying its quality is nothing but image SEO. If you do image SEO then your products or decorative images comes top on the Google search engines.

There are many online image optimization tools and plugins to compress your images to possible sizes without affecting the quality. You need to do proper keyword research for your images and put attractive and suitable keywords or alt text for your images.

You need to select the image dimensions and the product angles very carefully to make your image appear visuality very great. You can optimize your images with the imagify WordPress plugin.

This WordPress plugin will automatically show the optimize option while uploading your images to your post. You can optimize right while uploading your images also.

4.IP Canonicalization:

IP Canonicalization is a technique to improve the SEO rankings. Your IP and hostname binded by the DNS so that it redirects your IP addresses to the hostname. I a user knows your IP address and tries to redirect to your hostname you can adopt this IP canonicalization technique.

If you do IP canonicalization it will check for the hostname and Ip is provided by the same resource or not. So that you can maintain your SEO rankings. The main objective fixing the IP canonicalization is to redirect the web pages to the 301, 302 and 307 error establishing pages.

301 redirects is the permanent solution to redirect from one URL to another. You need to set up the 301 redirect and edit in the .htaccess file found in the root directory. The code to set up while redirecting the page to 301 error is as follows.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^xxx\.xxx/.xxx/.xxx[nc,or]
Rewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example/.com[nc]

In the above syntax, you need to replace the xxx with IP addresses an example with the domain name.

You can also block specific parts of the website from being indexed. You need to change the robots.txt file.

Note: If you apply 301 redirect some websites loss traffic for a few weeks. So you need to update the Sitemap.xml file when doing any changes to the website with respect to 301 redirects.

5.SEO analysis for social pages:

To build a strong reputation for your website you need to create the social pages on all the social media channels. After creating those social pages you need to link them to your website. If you have done so, then every post you published will be updated or automatically posted to all the social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can definitely boost your SEO ranking through social media as your content will be spread throughout the world with the help of the social media pages you had created. It is the very simple technique to boost your SEO analysis and ranking with the social media.

You can get decent traffic from the social media which helps to boost your SEO ranking for your content.

6.HTML/Text Ratio For SEO analysis:

Text to Html ratio is not a ranking factor but you need to maintain your website content in a good ratio. It’s very important and best to use it for the website.

In simple terminology, I can say that your content is displayed as text and your page is written in HTML code. The text to HTML ratio is the correlation percentage of the actual content found on the web page.

How to calculate the text to HTML ratio?

You can manually check the text to HTML ratio by looking at the text displayed with the HTML code such as headings, links, anchors etc. You can also check it using free tools which will automatically do the checking of the text to HTML ratio.The ratio checkers will extract the text from paragraphs and anchors from the code.

By calculating the text to HTML ratio based on the above parameters you can get x% versus y% ratio.

Even if you had low text to HTML ratio it will not send any opposing signal instead makes you check the issues or improve your SEO analysis.

How to fix the low code to text ratio?

The good way to address this issue is to remove the elements from the code that are not required. You need to repair other issues and errors also. You need to remove the unwanted text from the pages as well the code which is of no use.

If your page loads very slowly then its the indication of more elements on your page. You need to remove them. In the SEO analysis each and every part is very important and needs to be fixed.


In order to increase the SEO ranking for your website you need to follow some rules and maintain some regulations to achieve a good frequency. So you need to do proper SEO analysis for your web pages to rank better on Google.