Top 4 wordpress Seo Plugins

WordPress helps us to build beautiful and extraordinary websites. Though building the decent and effective website is the major issue, one can resolve it with updated wordpress version.In order to increase or extend the website for future we need a heavy traffic on the website.

WordPress remains the best SEO for content management, optimizes the site properly with the quality wordpress theme made available.Here comes wordpress SEO plugins which we can use them in our blog to expose our content to increase the traffic as well as to expand the business.These SEO plugins once included in our blog increase over all performance and visibility of our website, and also optimizes the website to a greater extent.

Here comes the discussion of the best SEO plugins for wordpress.

Yoast SEO plugin:

yoast seo plugin
Yoast SEO plugin is the best SEO plugin for wordpress which is used for optimizing the website.It is a free plugins which offers many features for the website to run with tons of traffic.


  • Yoast SEO easily optimizes the website.
  • It helps for real time page analysis which is used for optimizing your page content,images, titles,meta data and XML sitemaps.
  • CANonical link elements for Breadcrumbs helps in understanding the structure of your site.
  • Primary Category facility is available for showing the selected post any where you wanted.
  • Permalink cleanup clears the wanted URL endings .
  • XML sitemaps helps to notify the posts in the search engines.
  • RSS enhancements meaning adding a piece of content to the starting and ending of the post when lots of people scrubbing your blog.
  • Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess in wordpress .
  • Clean up head section
  • Snippet Editor functionality helps for crabbing the focus keyword from your content.
  • Import functionality for other wordpress SEO plugins.
  • Meta configuration is available for setting the page you of our interest hiding the unwanted sections if you wanted.

All In One SEO plugin:

All in Seo Plugin
All in SEO plugin is the most downloaded plugin for the attractive websites.All in one SEO plugin automatically optimizes your website and generate tons of traffic.It is easy to configure your settings as all are loccated in one single page.


  • All in one SEO supports page analysis describing the content from top to bottom.
  • It automatically update the blog changes to the search engines like google,bing etc..
  • It supports XML Sitemap which notifies your content very easily on the search engines.
  • All in SEO plugin offers more customization options and can have control over the posts ,pages in the facebook.
  • It supports for google+ .
  • It had advanced Canonical URLs
  • It has built -in API so that other themes and plugins can be easily accessed .
  • It provides support for custom post types.
  • It is the only free plugin which provides SEO integration for eCommerce sites.
  • We have Nonce security function in All in One SEO pack
  • It supports CMS style for wordpress.
  • All in One SEO plugins automatically generate meta tags.
  • It optimizes the titles for search engines automatically.
  • It allows us to find duplicate content on your blog and removes it.
  • It finds good for beginners as it works out of box when we install it.
  • Overriding the content is made available.
  • It can translated into 57 languages and is compatible with other plugins.

WP Social SEO booster plugin:

WP Seo Plugin

WP social SEO plugin is the best plugin to boost up your blog rank .In order to make or provide our site the highly optimized for search engines WP social SEO plugins is the better choice. It is a free plugins which works with other plugins as increase the site visibility it adds facebook open graph ,twitter card and snippets to the blog.


  • Each and every option can be customized for every page you created.
  • Works delightfully with other plugins too.
  • Micro data integration for the content placed in your blog.
  • All the meta tags are properly engaged in this plugins we no need to set them manually
  • It automatically optimizes for facebook opengraph, twitter meta tags for connecting your site socially.
  • Google Authorship is made available for our blog.
  • It adds google Plus Itemprop tags to the site for better rankings.
  • It supports for google plus publisher pages.
  • It seamlessly increase the ranking performance.
  • It provide support for rich Snippets in order deliver events, business,products,people deliberately.
  • It supports content type information such as movies,tv shows songs,videos,article,book,music album etc.
  • WP social SEO plugin adds HTML5 Boilerplate optimized .htaccess entries to .htaccess file.
  • It has star rating system facility.

Premium SEO pack plugin:

Premium Seo Plugin
Premium SEO pack plugin is highly comphrensive and provides optimized data for search engines.It is well optimized to generate money and to give a great experince to the users.This plugin comes with higly optimuzed images which bring tons of traffic to the blog.It provides internal link buliding properly from SEO point of view. It will handle snipplets so that we can find our posts easily in the search results.

Key features:

  • It handles mass optimizations ie all the content in the website.
  • One can easily find our site ranking by SERP tracking ie Search Engine Result Page Reporter.
  • It automatically generates site maps for every post in the blog.
  • It provides the best internal link building features ,where we no need to bother about the links.
  • It sets custom page titles and meta information for your post in the site.
  • Google analytics for analysing the content in the dashboard provided in the wordpress.
  • One can rank locally and globally.
  • Improves website performance and isight view of the users .
  • One can monitor the errors very easily and keep check on the post made with help of HTML5.
  • We can optimize the images so that we can remove unwanted portions of the images in order save space.
  • This plugin provides personal link with google+ and facebook planner to view the site by others.

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