The evergreen and free youtube to MP3 converter for the tracks of your youtube videos.

Youtube to MP3 converters help you to get through the audio of any youtube video and save it in an MP3 format so that you can listen or enjoy music even when your devices are in low connectivity network.

There are a lot of tools for around the web to do the job, but finding the perfect match based on your requirements is a very complex task. In general, to find any tool working abruptly, the following things:

  • You need to check with the additional software included in it and whether they needed to be installed.
  • Also, check you are overburdened with the advertisements, also you need to know any restrictions imposed on using the tools.
  • Moreover, you need to check the tool support and performance i.e how fast your work can be accomplished.

You need to cross-check with all the options before you pick the one that delivers or makes your job easier.

Just by converting a youtube into MP3, you can easily enjoy, listen to the music from offline whenever you like and you can also turn your Youtube channel into a podcast that helps to listen to music at work.

Moreover, you can have authorized downloading when you have the copyright owner’s permission because youtube terms of service explicitly prohibit unauthorized or illegal downloading.

If you are finding any hassle in youtube mp3 converter then you might consider the music streaming services like Spotify, Google plays music, which does not require any downloading or converting of the files. You can just listen by taking advantage of those services on your devices.

Best free Youtube to MP3 converters in 2020

  1. Any Video Converter Free
  2. 4k Youtube to MP3 
  3. 4k Video Downloader
  4. ClipGrab
  5. Free Youtube To MP3 Converter

Any Video Youtube Converter Free

It is the best YouTube to MP3 converter for free. It operates on windows with excellent formatting options, filters, effects, and bundled with extra software as well.

If you are looking for free, fast, flexible YouTube to MP3 converter, this tool is the perfect fit for you. It is a tool for converting one video format to another format. You can download videos from the youtube and save them as MP3 format.

This tool includes several other services apart from the videos conversion. You can also download the MP3 format by pasting the URL of the youtube videos, hit and wait for the download completion. So you need to take care not to expose the unwanted installs during the setup process.

In this tool, everything is organized in a logical way and you can have all your files in a moment. You can also get customized options so that you can select your own start and end pointers for the videos to be converted. The premium support comes with extra features and but still, the free version is more enough for the users to go ahead.

4k YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3 tool is very easy, quick and super flexible to use. It comes with different audio formats, no extra bundled software to install, and also supports many videos sites for MP3 choice.

You can turn YouTube links to MP3 files in just one click itself. This tool is used for saving audio tracks, playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks from YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and many more. You can easily drag and drop to links fo your favourite songs and get MP3 files to your computer. It comes with a clean, friendly interface to deal with.

This tool helps to download YouTube content with access to original quality. You can download songs from the most popular music services like VEVO, SoundCloud songs to your computer. With this tool, you can easily grab the original quality audio without conversion.

Some of the most attractive features it includes are:

  • YouTube Premium Download
  • AudioBooks Download
  • Easy Proxy Setup
  • Built-in Player
  • Popular websites support
  • Smart Mode feature etc.

4k Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is the tool where you can easily download any video from YouTube with the highest quality possible. It supports multiple formats such as MP3, M4A, OGG for savings the audios. No ads and extra bundled software for installation. 

This tool is made available for Windows and can download playlists, but for playlists, it requires a license.

Its very simple and easy process to get your audio of the selected choice. Just copy the URL of the video from the browser and click paste URL in the tool, then select extract audio and pick any of the formats your required and then click extract button, the audio will be converted and saved to the destination of your choice.

With the free version of 4K video downloader, you can download 24 videos from the playlists, it might be helpful to get a particular artist song album.

However, if you want more songs in the MP3 format, you need to go the premium feature. But the features in the free version are very impressive and enough for the normal users to go with.


Just copy the YouTube URL video link and the rest of the part will be done by ClipGrab hassle-free. This tool is bundled with some extra software, supports multiple video sites, one-click download of the MP3 files, flexible and integrated video search option.

With ClipGrab you can easily convert your YouTube to MP3 audios very interactively as the user interface is very elegant and neatly designed.

Copy the YouTube URL to the clipboard and ClipGrab will take its action to download the corresponding video for you. Moreover, you can download the videos when you have copyright permissions. Really one can have a great user experience upon using this tool for YouTube to MP3 converters. This tool is very flexible to suit different styles of working.

Also, this tool helps in quick analyzing of the links added and asks you for a specified format for download. One of the major advantages is that you can select with the quality of audio to be downloaded so that it might help in saving the memory space of your prefered device.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter supports for PC and MAC devices. With this tool, you can easily download the original quality files without conversion. You can easily convert your YouTube playlists into MP3. This tool is 100% free, safe and clean to use and for downloads.

You can see all the YouTube videos are available for download. One of the attractive and unique features of this tool is that you can perform bulk download to convert YouTube playlists to MP3.

As this tool is highly customized, you can enjoy multithreading downloading and fill MP3 tags and artworks automatically. 

It’s very simple to get your MP3 files. Just copy the YouTube URL and paste the copied link to the application by clicking the paste button. Now you need to choose the extension, by default, it is in MP3 format. You can choose any of the formats you and then click the download button

Now you can enjoy favourite tunes brought to you with the free YouTube to MP3 Converter.

Apart from the free tools available, there is another tool i.e WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best software that can handle the videos from different virtual sources and can convert to any type of the files you need.


When you are looking for a YouTube to MP3 Converter, first check with how many videos you need to convert. If your requirement is for once or twice then an online tool is enough. But, your requirement is more than it, its worthy try to go for the dedicated desktop application.

Moreover, the desktops ar every fast and you can easily perform bulk video conversions at once. As the YouTube to MP3 Converter is very popular and trending these days, there might be a chance of malware injections. But, the above-listed tools are thoroughly researched and tested so that everyone can use for hassle-free.