Why mistakes are a valuable part of the learning experience

If you go out today and take a survey from a number of people about the thing that changed their mindset or even their life, I bet most of them will answer that some failure has forced them to change everything in their lives. Mistakes make us rethink the things we’ve done before. However, when we think of success we tend to imagine only the final result. That is all we care about and the process of succeeding in something that often lays beyond the area of our interest. It does not matter to us if we lose something during our road to happiness. However, many stories of big success contain a story about a huge mistake and thus a failure. Therefore, we have to think of mistakes as of a part of achieving our goal. But we should start with something less global.

Why people make mistakes?

There are many reasons for people to make mistakes. But, generally, they are something we don’t do from our own will. Ancient philosopher Socrates stated that the only reason for people to make mistakes is that we do not know the formula for a perfect life. He mentioned that our life contains both luck and skill almost equally divided. However, nobody would argue that in real life there are way more things that depend rather on luck than on skill. Therefore, we cannot say that if we do everything by a magic perfect life formula, our lives will be great and we will avoid making mistakes at all. Because of the random moments that we cannot predict, things go a different way, often too far from perfect. That is how we tend to make mistakes and, therefore, fail. But there is one way to succeed even after numerous failures: making mistakes in life and learning from them.

So, how can mistakes make us better?

First of all, we have to go back to the times of high school and university. That is the time of learning and discovering something new. We all remember the important exams, and every student will be able to recall a moment when they failed a test and that just turned on something inside them saying that it is time to change something. Well, mistakes are your chance to find out about your weaknesses and learn from a failure. You will not be able to find out something new if you do everything perfectly. By making a mistake, you have no other choice than to learn from it. Therefore, you should never put yourself down after a failure because it is just another chance to learn something new, and thus, get better.

Have you ever met people with a really high self-esteem? Those are the people who tend to think that they are better than others are and that they deserve more than others do. Just wait for a couple years and look what happens to them. People like that usually get hit by failures the most. Therefore, by making mistakes we tend to get a healthy self-esteem: after failing hard we will not think too good of ourselves anymore but will try to change something. Hence, you cannot deny the importance of failure in the life of a normal person.

Mistakes make us search for the new ways of solving problems. For example, a person with an awful score on one of the assignments will afterward find some ways to do it easier and better. Instead of spending hours of their costly time, one would just use something like an assignment writing service or another kind of service that provides necessary help. Therefore, by making mistakes we are opening the doors to something new, usually, better.

It sounds weird, but something that knocks us out for some time is also something that gives us a boost to do things again. Yes, mistakes are a big motivator. After being knocked out a person will be willing to show the world what one can do. Moreover, it will be done with a great passion and surprisingly great quality. That is because we want to prove to ourselves and everybody around that we are strong and no mistakes will be able to stop us on the way to achieving our goal.

After all, failures remind us that our life is just a game and the better and more we play the more we can get out of it. People who live safe lives tend to forget how wonderful and multifarious our lives might be. So, after a failure something is just clicking inside and making us, humans, change the vectors to the other side, change our usual day from a routine in an office to a breathtaking bungee jumping or traveling with a couple of dollars in a pocket.

Should one make mistakes or try to live a perfect life?

Well, there can be no perfect life without mistakes. Everything turns into to be routine with time. Even a large sum of money will not secure from making mistakes and won’t guarantee you a carefree life. So, one must make mistakes in order to get the most out of life. Of course, it is not as if we were controlling the failures, but we should not avoid them at all cost. By facing your fears and problems, you are producing energy to do anything you like. Mistakes make us explore life and its opportunities, become flexible and wise. So, which life would you choose: the routine without fails or an active and interesting life with something to learn from? It is up to you to decide.