If you are a normal software engineer or IT professional nothing matters. Still there is something new which is to be learnt in the tech industry. The first thing you required is that you should be open minded to learn and invest your precious time to acquire new thoughts.

At present there are various developments in the technology sector. Day by day the world is becoming more competitive with the technology courses. One should be updated with current trends in their respective domains. For this one should acquire practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Everyone can gain theoretical knowledge by learning some books. But you will acquire the practical subject form the experts only.

Today practical implementation of your subject helps you to attain more confidence.

So in order to explore the technologies that are redefining the industry needs, just learn from the experts and professionals. Get your biggest problems answered

A call for all the developers across the world.

With the IBM Developer Day program, IBM calls all the developers and giving them a chance to learn and explore their technologies. One can use the Cloud, AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing along with their Code Labs, Complimentary Certificates, Experts Talk and Hands on Lab.

As a developer you can upscale your career by getting certified.

Reasons to attend the IBM Developer Day Event.

It is important for all the Tech people especially for the developers to attend the event. Because you can meet the brightest minds in open source to discuss the exciting advances in open technologies today. As a normal employee or developer you may not get chances to open up your thoughts on any topics. By attending the events or programs you can share your thoughts and get ideas from experts.

You can code something amazing with the top curated technical talks, open source code and hands on workshops.

IBM Developer Day is giving any opportunity for all the developers to learn first hand from the leading industry experts and takes you along with the scenes to build the enterprise -grade applications.So join us and learn innovate developments in the technology end in the event.

This event is truly for everybody to experience the latest technology from IBM and their partners through hands on workshops, executive keynotes and demos.

As a developer you can look forward to for the handpicked reasons to attend the event.

  • You can get immediate practical guidance that will make you more efficient.
  • You can make your code to solve the real world problems.
  • You can discover the best practices for building the cloud based native apps. Also code your own apps.
  • You can meet and interact with the other developers.
  • It helps to engage with the top industry leaders through 20+ sessions on the different topics such as AI, Cloud , Blockchain etc.
  • You can ask the experts or development leaders any questions after the sessions. They will clarify your doubts.
  • You can enjoy an evening of fun, food and music at IBM Developer day.
  • You will renew and take a break from the regular work space and environment to refresh your mind, get new ideas and inspired.
  • You can share your experiences with the peers. Discover how the peers are solving the real world problems and creating some innovative ways to implement the solutions.

You can check out the agenda here for exciting talks and sessions that will ensure your day more constructive way of learning. You can learn from the IBM experts and leaders through the code patterns very easily.

All you need to do is to register for the event and be a part of the IBM Developer Day 2019.