Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is a person who delivers his tasks or operations under the management of the company. He is hired by the company to handle the different clients remotely. They are hired mainly on the contract basis. They were quite different from the professional employees. They are technologically very strong to performs their tasks. Virtual assistants comes from various business backgrounds. To hire a virtual assistant from the company we had to check the capability of the candidates i.e. whether he is suitable for that position or not.

For the proper staffing of the virtual assistants we had several companies which provides the best and qualified candidates. Among the several virtual assistant companies is the one that provides us with qualified and technically sound candidates for the enlarging business fields and gaining more profits for the business. As it maintains the highly qualified and professionally stuff candidates for the screening rounds. One can easily get through those candidates and generate more profits from them by consuming their thoughts into business and time to a vast amount. We can find a lot of people in India working remotely to support other foreign based companies. By hiring them one can easily accomplish their work done in a better way than the local employees.

Virtual assistant services

Here are the benefits of hiring the virtual assistants based in India:

Virtual assistants based in India plays a major role in delivering the day to day tasks to the clients. They provide the clients with updated information whenever they ask for.

  • By hiring the virtual assistants from India one can decide the tool set by the employee to work remotely with the company
  • You can also look after the employee whether he is using any updated technologies in performing his tasks or not.
  • We had an option to remove the employee any time if he had found unfit for the job.
  • Managers can supervise over the tasks given to the virtual assistants and can see whether he is following the instructions or not.
  • Virtual assistants are kept under control and supervision by the clients to engage them in work all the time. They provide 24 hours support to the clients.
  • It helps in building great relationship with the clients and customers.

Virtual Assistant Services For Various Job profiles. offers various opportunities for the virtual assistants in India. It also keeps the track of best qualified candidates regadring their profiles and fits them in to that particular desk to operate remotely for the clients requests. mainly concentrates on the 3 aspects in dispensing the qualified candidates to the clients. The following are the virtual assistant servicesfor various job profiles.

  • Administrative Services
  • Digital Services
  • Technology Services


Administrative Services

By considering the profitability of the business provides the virtual assistants to handle the varieties of the administrative tasks such as

  • Data Entry
  • Customer Services
  • Marketing
  • Internet Research
  • Accounting
  • Book Keeping

Digital Services provides the virtual digital assistants who does the work related to all the web design tasks. The following are the virtual digital assistants tasks:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design And Development
  • E-commerce Website design and development
  • Content Writing
  • Video Marketing

Technology Services

In todays world technology plays a very major helps in providing the talented pool of the candidates for the following services.

  • It Solutions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Animations And Multimedia

The benefits of hiring the virtual assistants from the eploy247 will maintain some standards to hire the dignified and well qualified virtual employees for the clients with low costs.

  • By considering the cost effectiveness one can choose it to hire the virtual assistant because a virtual assistant costs 50% less than the locally hired employee. We no need to pay for the extra benefits for the virtual assistants such as health care, maternity leaves shift allowances, vacation time and sick leaves etc.
  • It requires less paperwork, there is no need to submit paperwork related to the hiring of an employee to any client as the local employee does, the only paperwork to be filed is 1099.
  • There is no need of pulling or letting forward to do the task. Here the supervising of virtual assistants is not necessary. will take care of all the work done by the virtual assistants. It helps in maximizing the profits to your business.
  • Freedom to hire the employee of your trust. You had the freedom to select the best candidate suits for the job. You may even remove them without any notice and can hire another candidate for that particular task.
  • It will track all the work status of the virtual employee and intimates you in case of any faults, so that your time can be saved.