Cloud-based badging is a state-of-the-art technology that radically changes the way your business prints identification cards. Express Badging, a company specializing in employee identification solutions and badge printing services, presents customers with a variety of options that provide traditional features and benefits of software-based identification program but without the technical issues, licensing and upgrades necessary when you download an identification program on your computer system. 

Your ID badges are created using the VEONICS Portal Identity-as-a-Service System (IDaaS) that requires no software installation and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with access to the internet. Once a badge is created, it may be printed on your own printer as needed. This cloud-hosted software streamlines the badge data and photos into a single solution for printing and issuing your company’s photo ID badges. VEONICS assures that your ID badging information remains secure at all times. 

Photo Management on Your Browser

With the VEONICS system, users have access to a variety of useful tools that include live photo capture, file uploading, auto cropping and more. The system’s import wizard allows to you batch import photos and data and automatically link pertinent information to selected photos.

Designing Badges Is Easy

VEONICS allows you to easily create and print complex custom badges using your own graphics that you upload to the system. The template is simple to use and offers a variety of designs from which you can create badges. The platform is also scalable to meet your specific needs. Users can choose what types of data to include. Once you have designed your badges, you can print them out in just minutes. The Credential Database tool available on upgraded versions of the VEONICS system integrates with Microsoft SQL to eliminate the need for manual entry.

Features include:

  • Optimized mobility to capture photos
  • Photo thumbnails
  • Ghosting publishing
  • Watermarks
  • Selection of barcode formats
  • QR code verification
  • Real-time badge deactivation
  • Ability to outsource to Express Badging’s printing services

Ability To Issue Virtual IDs

Upgrade from the basic VEONICS system to get immediate virtual ID badges when remote users are waiting for the physical badges to arrive. Other upgrades include real-time vetting that displays virtual badges, their status and other related data. Roster tracking keeps records of created badges for basic reports. Users have the ability to access these upgrades on mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. 

Bundles for Specialized Applications

Cloud-Based Visitor Management Self-Expiry Bundle is geared toward organizations that require visitor check-in at a reception desk or job site. This bundle includes a DYMO thermal label printer, an active print location account, a high-definition USB webcam to capture photos, USB extension cable, 100 four-inch direct thermal badges, a choice of reusable backers and strap clips. 

Cloud-Based Single-Sided Bundle is ideal for small- to medium-sized organizations or a larger company that has many small locations and needs a central way to produce and manage photo ID badging onsite. Notable features include a single-sided ID badge printer, light blue photo backdrop, 500 composite PVC cards, printer cleaning kit and breakaway lanyards in addition to features in the Self-Expiry Bundle. 

Cloud-Based Badging Duplex Bundle Standard is similar to the Single-Sided Bundle with the exception that it comes with a Duplex IDP Series 50D ID badge printer. It’s also geared toward small- and medium-sized organizations. 

Setup and Support

Every cloud-based badging system comes with setup help and ongoing training and support for all your employees. Express Badging will configure your system to ensure you can successfully create and print ID badges the first time you use it. 

Customization and Add-ons

Not only does Express Badging offer customers an easy way to create and print an ID badge, but the company can also provide you with RFID services that include HID key fobs and cards, HID card readers, UHF cards, and much more. A full line of ID badge accessories is available too. 

Ordering from Express Badging is simple. The company’s website has a quick shop corner for a number of its products as well as a sale section for closeout items.

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