It is a well known fact that our life is so sweet and need to enjoy every moment on this earth. Apart from your daily activities, you need to spend your precious time on doing adventures on hillslopes and mountain areas, discovering the new life over there, in meanwhile we can also come to know the real facts on doing adventures or trekking in mountain areas.


Trekking is a long journey on foot planned for multiple weeks on the mountain areas, hill stations so as to enjoy the beauty of the scenes, hill stations villages and their native lifestyle. Through trekking in mountain areas, one can easily face challenges in doing the adventurous journey on the mount Everest.

For doing trekking in the mountain slopes first we need to plan your days properly and then go further. The proper plan helps you to cover most of the places to visit. Next step is that budget, you need to carefully check your budget to do adventures in the mountains regions. Some people will do trekking in a group. They will carry all the things needed starting from food to tents. Whereas some trekkers will opt for the hotels or villagers to serve them during their travel or adventure in those areas.

Everest Base camp trek

Everest Base camp trek is the adventurous journey which takes you near to the Himalaya mountains by viewing the most beautiful and marvellous scenes in between. You can see many beautiful highest mountain ranges, the beauty of nature, villages near to it and their life journey on those hill stations.

The Everest is the famous spot for the tourist to look and we can get enough time for rest as well as for your meals. The people living in mountain areas were very friendly and we no need to worry in case if you are misguided. There is no communication problem as all the people will definitely speak English a little bit.

In trekking in the mountain areas, we can see different kinds of animals, varieties of flowers, birds and beautiful spots. Here the mystery and fun will be there in front while doing adventures on the mountain areas.

We can do trekking in this places all around the year, you need to select in which season you would prefer to adventure here because sometimes it may be filled with snow where we are unable to view the slope stations.

Adventurous journey in Nepal

Mount Everest is the famous spot for doing adventures journey while trekking in Nepal. To watch the exact view of the Everest we need to travel to multiple places in meanwhile we can come across multiple beautiful spots to look and adventures to do.

In trekking, we come across several subtropical forests, valleys, rivers and some flatlands which will be more attractive to view.

Water rafting is a special type of adventure in the river on the boat. It makes the trekkers feel excited, delightful and more thrilling while travelling on the boat. They can view all the mountains, hill stations around them as if they are very near to them. A river trip gives you a pleasant experience and at most joy in your life.

In Nepal, each and every part of the country talks about its adventures. Peak Climbing is the one where people need to climb the mountains.

While climbing we can feel ourselves as the king or queen as it brings you near to the peak of the mountains. It all shows you’re effectiveness, eagerness and interest in doing such type of adventures. While climbing at different altitudes we can see the beauty of the hill spots and also makes us feel as if you are very near to touch the sky.

In order to explore the mountain villages, you can go mountain biking. Through this biking, you can come to know the different aspects and culture of the people living over there. It gives you a pleasant exposure to the environment and you can enjoy each and every beauty spot of the mountain area while biking.

Nepal is the best spot for doing adventures in sports. Bungy jumping is the most adventurous thrill that is to be done in Nepal mountain areas. We float in the air like a free bird where you should be very daring enough to do such an adventure. Rock Climbing in Nepal brings you a memorable experience and thrill in your lifetime. It shows you the best experience you made on your journey in the Himalayas.

Hot Air Balloon flying is the most wonderful journey over the valley by taking the fresh air and looking at the beautiful mountain peaks which makes you feel great and remains as the best memories in your life. The journey on ultralight aircraft makes you have a spectacular look in the lakes, mountains and villages.

Paragliding in Nepal gives you the best experience for adventure. While paragliding you can see the kites, eagles, villages, seas, mountains, temples, lakes and can also have a great look of Himalayas. Cable-Car journey to visit the manakamana Devi temple of Kathmandu, here the goddesses is very famous and all the people believe that she fulfils the wishes. You can also view the beauty around the temple.

Enjoy your life as you wish by trekking in Nepal mountain areas. Do adventures on the mountain regions and makes your life a good example to the other trekkers. Make the adventures which will remain as you’re best memories in your lifetime.