If you’re passionate about your website and want to increase the traffic sources what you need to do is create ad for that particular products and keep them in an highly reputed traffic generated sites. We can also increase the online revenue from this.

Among various affiliate programs to advertise the products click bank affiliate products can be best advertised with the help of the following top 5 cheap traffic sources. We can get cheap traffic to advertise your click bank affiliate products.In order to create ads for click bank affiliate products we are provided with the cheap bid value i.e. starting from 10 cents on wards. If you advertise solely it consumes high revenue from you. So here I am going to discuss about the cheap and top 5 traffic sources for the click bank affiliate products. We can sign up for free to the affiliate products to advertise your site.

Solo ads

solo ads

Solo ads are the best and very good at advertising the products. By advertising through solo ads we can reach up to 54844 members which covers over 25 websites. Solo ads are the best for the people who does business online. Here we need to worry about spam emails and traffic. Solo ads will generate high quality traffic. It maintains a good packages at reasonable price and we can even regain the spent amount with in few days. We can get this ads displayed even in an highly responsive mobile networks too. They are simply amazing and awesome to expand your business.

7 Search Adverting


7search is a pay per click network which connects the advertisers and publishers in monetization. 7search is the great advertising center which places your ads on all the world class websites and drive traffic to your website. Here we can also sign up for free to generate the targeted audience to your website. We can pay for the when it has been clicked otherwise need to wait until it is clicked. 7 search advertising has several clients such as herbalife, eHarmony, autotrader,progressive, pale flowers etc for free advertise of our ads. It helps in increase of sales and by increasing the traffic it improves the brand awareness to the people. It does advertising through third party websites as well as broad network based vertical search engines. It displays the ads to the traffic defined by you.

BuySell Ads

buysell ads

Buy sell ads is the best and creative solution for content creators in monetization process. Buy Sell Ads is the marketplace for advertiser and publisher to advertise the products and generate the traffic sources. Buy sell ads has the high selling ad units and the tools the advertiser loves. It provides 24/7 support to its customers. In buy sell ads deal manager direct will organize and send traffic to the entire campaigns by him . He is responsible for the communication between the advertiser and publisher to generate traffic to the targeted products. It will filter the audience needs and self serve direct will helps in advertising through facebook and twitter groups. It had many clients and it will sell 2 billion ad impressions per month. It is the desired solution for independent publishers. It brings the loyal audience through online marketing.



Bidvertiser is a high targeted marketplace for advertisers and publishers to generate traffic and online money. We had different categories to select the ads on pay per click basis by setting the bid value. If you’re a publisher we can be paid for every referral you made. It is thoroughly review each website and ads before processing them for the advertisers. It will target the audience with the help of channels and keywords. We can set the maximum price you desired to pay for the click. We can also choose the geographic area where your ads need to be displayed and we can create your ads in a few minutes with the help of bidvertiser. Bidvertiser helps you from click fraud and only counts for legitimate clicks. Each click is verified for any fraud on online. The bidvertiser performance tracker helps you to show how many clicks are converted into sales, signups, leads etc. Bidvertiser supports two types of ads layout i.e. banners, buttons , Inline ads and some other for free designs. We can also design the ads with the customized sizes. We can generate the reports related to ads to monitor the performance of the ads. We can also set the highest bidders on the website for making more revenue.



Adknowledge is the most and famous for advertising the digital products and reduces the riddles in marketing them. It connects the advertisers with the targeted audiences in right time. It maintains the experts in monetization process. It had a global reach i.e. around 50 countries. Adknowledge has 800 + million unique users profiles in its database. It supports the data driven facility and increases the performance. Giant media is a premium video advertiser, where we can advertise our videos for parallel checking and for targeted audience. Adstation is the one of the monetization scheme for mobile apps. It gives you the power and control the mobile audience to a great extent. Ad bistro is very authentic and provide legitimate traffic to the websites. It does third party verification for accuracy of the audience. App focus helps in driving more traffic and engagement, page views and revenue for your website. Adknowledge app store will help the users to see the content they really want than any other one could see.