Every creature in the world is made out of some organs which will help them to prolong their life. As a human being, we too had different organs starting from head to legs. Among them, the heart as the muscular organ stood in front in the pumping of blood circulation throughout your life. Proper blood circulation system from arteries to veins helps to maintain the functioning of heart in a normal flow. Any disturbances caused due to any imbalances will lead to heart failure.</p.

So Here I am going to put forward some important and essential information for the fellow beings to maintain your heart healthy on the occasion of the world heart day.

Remind yourself in an active position always

The first thing to maintain a healthy heart is to remind yourself in an active position forever. This simple technique will help you have a healthy heart with a healthy life. In order to maintain the heart rate, you need to do physical exercises every day. The exercises may include running, walking in the morning hours or else riding on bicycles and motorcycles. It will free up your muscles and regulates the pumping of blood from organs to organs.

If you are the employee who needs to work all the day needs to be very careful because there might be chances of heart failures. To avoid this you need to take small breaks in the middle of your work and move your limbs for the proper circulation of blood. The best way for the employees is to grab a chair with balance balls which will keep your core muscles engage as you’re working. Then you can work peacefully without disturbances in the middle. Do Not sit idle for a vast of time because it will sometimes stop the functions of your blood and you can see the clots. Always prefer to stay in an active position by engaging or indulging yourself in some sort of work.

Perfect diet helps to have a healthy heart

Every person on this earth should follow a diet because over diet or low diet will ultimately reflect your health a lot. One should be very alert in taking their diet because it also causes some disturbances to your life. Eating too much than a limit, preferring oil food always, consuming fat content food regularly will rein your body organs functioning in a normal way.

The organs to function normally and to keep your metabolism rates in control need to go with a balanced diet. Consuming the balanced diet will help in lowering the blood pressure and decrease the cholesterol content in your body.

You should eat in an optimal way i.e. eating leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, beans, seeds, and fiber content food a lot. We should consume mostly the unrefined crabs. Try as possible as you can to avoid fries and smothering the products with butter and cheese because they add bad cholesterol to your food content. Today’s fast foods also include a lot of fats in them so reduce them and always prefer a light and delicious food to eat. We should prefer oils with less fat content, to keep your health safe side. So use the Saffolalife oil in your kitchen to make a healthy diet and a healthy heart. this oil comes with the best ingredients which would lower the cholesterol and adds as an advantage in gaining energy. It prevents you from many heart diseases. So enjoy your lavish food with saffolalife.

We should not consume more amount of non-vegetarian food or low amount of vegetarian food. We should consume both of them in a balanced way and fish is the main and intended product should be consumed to maintain a better and optimized healthy heart. Eat more fiber content food such as oats, grains etc. We should also use salt quantity to a least amount to control your blood pressure. Use of dry fruits will improve your organs functioning a lot.

Stop consuming Alcohol and Smoking

One of the best and effective way to maintain a healthy heart is to reduce the use of alcohol because it contains many calories than required which shows impact on your health. Overdrinking of alcohol puts a lot of waste in your waist and shows an impact on your healthy life. Drinking on regular basis will increase your stomach with gas which would create serious injections and problems to your life and heart.

The continuous smoking also causes severe health hazards, in order to reduce such issues try to limit the usage of cigars and stop smoking. Increase in smoking causes coronary heart diseases. People beware and realize the effects of smoking. It shows a great impact on the heart. Especially the consumer of tobacco causes heart diseases. So everyone should take a worth to avoid the smoking to keep your heart healthy.

Always be happy to make healthy life and a healthy heart.

A healthy lifestyle will help a lot to maintain a healthy heart. We should live in a peaceful environment and enjoy a lot each and every moment. We should increase the stress because it causes severe impact even on the heart. If stress increased beyond its circumstances there might be changes of increase in blood pressure. So always lead a happy life without worrying about risks. Live this moment enjoy as most as you can to have a healthy life and healthy body.

The primary essential criteria to lead a happy and healthy life is that sleep well. Sleeping well shows a positive impact on your health. When you’re are asleep the blood pressure and heartbeat rate goes down ie. in rest mode where stress can be avoided.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, there are many ways to fix that. You could avoid caffeine, exercise during the day to tire yourself at night or use weighted blankets during bedtime. The last method is effective because it calms you down and reduces your anxiety – like a warm embrace from someone you love. You don’t really need to swallow sleeping pills or get intoxicated with alcohol.

So to have a healthy heart with a healthy life you need to stay active, eat a balanced diet with rich fiber content and be happy always by enjoying at most each and every moment.


Always be happy and remove your tensions, worries, stress in your life to enjoy. We know that life is short and sweet , so enjoy the sweetness of your life by simple changes in your life style i.e. Staying Active —Eating Better–Being Happy are meant for #chhotekadam to healthy heart. I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”