What to expect, when you expect the free up space on your Android device?

Common knowledge is that our smartphones substitute a lot of devices. Nevertheless, we have one constant problem the lack of storage. Our photos, games and other applications take too much space. If you are familiar with such trouble, read the article as we dedicated it to the tips on how to free up space on your phone or laptop.

When we want to speak about freeing up space on your phone, much useless, mythically helpful lifehacks exist. As well as, in really challenging situations, there are rational things to apply in practice and the risky things to do. This article will part the reality from the myth, and help you to free up space on your Android device.

The first solution you’ll hear about is clearing the cache of your applications. How does it help? Actually, what it really does, it removes the data that aren’t the basis for the performing of application. In theory, everything is great, but in practice, there are some pitfalls.

After deleting those files, you’re going to use the app one more time. And guess what? Upon the next running application will restore the previously deleted files. From now on, it takes some time to boost and reset the application. Plus, it’s going to waste more battery charging and a little bit more CPU performance to recreate the missing files. However, this hack may be quite beneficial, if to use it right.

Delete corpse files, instead of cache. A corpse file is typically the remaining cache of applications that you deleted long time ago. Suddenly, almost every time when you’ve deleted an application some of the files remain whole. Try an app known as SD Maid. It has four main functions, four variants to clean your smartphone space:

  • SystemCleaner;
  • AppCleaner;
  • Databases;
  • CorpseFinder.

Clicking on CorpseFinder uninstall all the files, that are not needed. If you run a SystemCleaner, you can find a lot of other kinds of files you don’t need, such as temporary advertising files. Delete it too.

Other space cleaning tutorials will guide you to the folders, and advise to start the deleting process of your photos and videos. Whilst technically, it sounds like advice, there is a more civilized method of freeing up space on Android devices. First of all, try to use the app called Disk Usage, and this is going to destroy everything that is cramming your smartphone storage. The files are sorted in accordance with the quantity of space each section takes up and categorized by colors. So it is easy to understand, what the priority areas are. Then tap on it, and get rid of the useless gigabytes eaters.

One more unexpected surprise – premium music subscription. Whether it is Spotify, Google, Deezer music or something else, there is a pervasive trick people face with. The premium versions give you an opportunity to download the tracks to listen offline. A lot of users keep on downloading every single song they like, forgetting that it crams the storage. What might be a much better idea to do, if you’re short on storage because songs do use taking a lot of space, is actually selectively to download. So for example, if the only time you listen offline is when you’re on a walk, then only download the songs that you actually listen while walking. The other ones you could add it to the playlist.

Such type of attraction as games “grab” the storage of device as well. Games are the applications that take up the most storage, simply for the matter of the fact they have lots of graphics, levels, and sound. Sometimes happens, that phone, user downloads game, play a week in it, and forgets about its existence on the device. In this case, we have a game setting on the phone doing absolutely nothing but eating up precious storage. So, be attentive, don’t forget to download non-used apps, and of course, corpse files of that applications.

Sometimes happens, that people start taking one photo, and end up with taking five or even ten completely identical photos. It is about the duplicate photos. It eats up your space on a device. If you have dozens of photos, there are special apps which identify and delete duplicates. Or you may do it by yourself. Don’t wait, free up the storage on your device!


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