Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO of Tempus, had a riveting interview with “A Drink With“. It is an interview website with an interesting theme of having a casual chat with high-impact entrepreneurs over a drink in a bar. Aside from business talk, we learn that southwestern chicken salad and french fries is a common go-to meal for him.

Tempus, his company, is at the forefront of developing medical software that is greatly improving cancer treatment in the country. Keep in mind, their products are not about curing or reducing cancer rates but rather making detection and treatment more efficient. In fact, having more accurate tracking would only save lives, even at the cost of overall statistics.

Since the company employs over 11,000 employees, Eric Lefkofsky is often left with less time for his family and other personal pursuits. As described in the aforementioned interview, Eric must train his brain to cancel out thoughts of business so that he has the time to socialize. This includes things like responding to text messages or emails while at home. Luckily, his still has time to do his morning stretching routine and is able to put his kids to bed most nights.

Since a young age, Eric had always been infatuated with earning money and becoming an entrepreneur. Much like any other kid, he had his heart set without any idea how to make his dreams come to fruition. This is likely what had driven him to become a serial entrepreneur in the tech field and his companies’ numbers reflect his obvious success. Of course, it all came with hard work and experimenting.

Once money problems are solved, financial gain is not the biggest driver behind the lives’ of successful business owners. Since Eric decided that he has more than enough money for his lifestyle, he had also became invested in philanthropic pursuits. He had consolidated everything into a charity known as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Human rights, medical research, education and art are just some of the facets covered by his organization with many sub-projects that are active.

Tempus may be a company that both gives back to the world while maintaining a steady profit. Venture capitalists definitely have confidence in his company as they recently received over $80 million in funding. This money comes from both existing investors and a bunch of new ones that are captivated by their technology. With a valuation of over $1 billion, it is a company that stands out in the Chicago startup scene.

Tempus is collecting clinical data so that it is accessible for medical professions in all corners of the country. Even handwritten documents are being digitized so that even little details cannot escape the international medical community. With a better connection of the medical industry, clinical data may be freely shared so that cancer trends may be charted. It may bring an end to medical research that relies on isolated studies with small samples to have a broad picture of cancer treatment.

Results in the database are searchable, much like in the way you can search for files on your computer. This will allow those with access to Tempus’s network to be up to date with the latest cancer research.

The company continues to expand its reach in the medical industry by forming relationships with medical practitioners of all levels. They are also working with drug companies and clinics so that the entire industry may thrive together so that better treatment methods may be developed. Their system may also set a trend of big data storage among other wings of the medical industry.