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Templ is a White-Glove managed WordPress hosting service provider that partnered with Google Cloud Platform to deliver incredible speed for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. 

Their control panel is customized, to make it easy for their users to create websites or request free migrations.

Solutions Offered:

  •    Managed WordPress:   Enriched world-class hosting with premium support. You can easily scale your website to enlarge your business success with the help of real human support.
  •    Managed WooCommerce: With Templ’s specialized WooCommerce hosting, you can increase and improve your conversion rates for your online business e-commerce websites.
  •    Hosting for all agencies:  At Templ you can place unlimited websites on all plans. Since they offer free migrations you will be up and running in no time. 

Free speed optimization by hand 

For any kind of online business, website speed plays a vital role in its success. Because the majority of the customers will get a positive impression if the website loads blazing fast.

What’s happening in the real world is that, if your site does not load fast, it gives the users a negative impact leading to customer churn.

If you’re really concerned about your website speed and you are willing to try a new host, Templ should be the perfect choice for you.

Migrate to Templ to enjoy free speed optimization and free WordPress updates during your first 12 months. The usual price for speed optimization is 199$ and for WordPress, updates price is 49$ per month.

Benefits you will enjoy from Templ’s Speed Optimization:

  • WordPress Configuration: Optimal configuration for WordPress.
  • Plugins Audit: A strong plugin audit functionality is conducted to remove the blacklisted and unnecessary plugins which lower the website speed.
  • Database Optimization: Optimizing the database to store the data in a newly formatted database to increase speed. 
  • Troubleshooting:  Troubleshooting to scan for any serious issues that distract the website from performing better on the web. 
  • Server Logs: Scanning the server logs for any issues that stop the website from performing optimally.
  • Image and File Optimization: Images with large size consumes more space and lowers the website speed. Image optimization reduces the file size of the images for better speed. 
  • Activate and Optimize Cache: Cache is the storage location that needs to be checked and optimized properly to increase the website speed. 
  • Before and After Optimization: You’ll get performance reports of your website before and after optimization.

Features and pricing:

The features provided by the Templ are:


Customized Control Panel:

Templ’s customized control panel was designed specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce in mind. It is very easy to launch your first website and migrate a website to Templ. You can even create staging sites in a single click, view the statistics, and create daily backups as well.

Google Cloud Platform:

Your website will be placed on Google Cloud Platform and enjoy the same security and power as Gmail. The server-based cache uses fewer resources that help your website to load faster. Templ also performs uptime checks every third minute, to detect if your website for some reason wouldn’t load. You can easily scale your plans up or down based on your requirements.

Brotli:  With Templ’s modern data compression library i.e Brotil one can easily compress the files of your website more efficiently than GZIP. 

Redis: An object cache i.e Redis, that stores the data in memory instead of the hard drive. It can improve the loading times in WP Admin.

Easy Scaling as you grow: With templ, you can easily scale your sites as well as your business to reach success.

Latest Version of PHP:  At Templ, you are provided with the latest version of PHP.

MariaDB: In order to increase the database speed Templ uses MariaDB instead of MySql.

Ngnix: Unlike other web hosts, Templ uses Ngnix for load balancing to increase website speed.

Free SSL Certificate:  Templ’s comes with free SSL certificate and no additional installation is required for it.

Google datacenter: Google’s data centers run on 100% renewable energy, unlike many traditional data centres.

QUIC: By default, QUIC is an encrypted internet protocol that decreases the loading times on mobile devices.

CDN: Google Cloud CDN is included in all plans.

SSH Access: If you want to work with your WordPress via WP-CLI, it’s very easy to connect your Templ server using SSH.

Staging-area: Here you can set up a live copy of your website modifications for testing, before deploying them to your main website.

Account Sharing: You can easily share your account with your friends and partners.

Daily Backups: Will help you to create daily backups of your website files and store them on the remote server for a month. Also help you, to create your own local backup facility as well.

Pricing and plans we provide:

All the above-mentioned features are provided in all plans, and free migration as well. You can pay monthly and annually. Plans include small, small plus, medium, and large.

For more details on prices and plans, please see the screenshot below.

Great Support from the Templ’s Team:

Templ’s provides great support for the clients to ensure success and scale their business easily.

  1. Available 24/7 support: You can have friendly and professional experts support 24/7. They respond immediately to the client’s queries immediately or in a time span of 5 minutes.
  2. Free Migrations: Provide strong support in case of migrating to the Templ. No matter your previous web host, they will help you with your migration. The Templ’s services are free for an unlimited number of websites.
  3. Malware Check: It will provide support in regular malware check to ensure your website is free from any malware attacks or infections with solutions to remove it.
  4. Experts at WordPress: Templ’s team of experts is very specialized in dealing with WordPress and WooCommerce websites. They are very keen to share their expertise in an easy way so that even a newbie user can understand without any difficulty.

If you want more details about how to start with your project, just connect with Temp’s support in the chat, to get the full experience.

Stay connected to solve your queries with Templ’s chat support.

Why you should choose Templ’s for your website?

  • Extraordinary services and flexible support provided.
  • Free speed optimization
  • Performance and security by Google Cloud