Talkspace: A Whole New Way to Speak to online Therapists

A lot of people needed the support from therapists today. They are the professionals known for helping someone who has been under severe trauma, experiencing depression, and those who are having psychological and mental disorders. People who wanted to let their feelings out are also speaking to therapists, hoping to find a way on how they can resolve their issues and how the professional would advise them regarding their problems. For those who are having regular visits to their therapists, they would have to travel by road and spend money on gasoline to visit their office. However, one man managed to create an application that will change the way people interact with the therapists.

Oren Frank is an entrepreneur from New York City, and he developed a communication application called Talkspace. The reason why he created the app is that he wanted to speak with a therapist remotely and perform an online therapy, talking about the problems with his wife. The therapist managed to listen to his problems and gave him the best advice. He used this advice to help restore their marriage, and today, the two are still living happily together. Knowing that the app has a lot of potentials, he decided to share his creation to the public and released it at the app store for download. The Talkspace app gained traction as it was uploaded on the internet, and people started to download it after finding out its use.

At first, the Talkspace app started as a platform where groups could meet up and talk about everything. The advice comes from the members of the group, and the application became an app-based forum. However, things changed when Talkspace started hiring professional therapists. They started to become the main focus of the app by providing online therapy, and people started downloading it because of the help coming from the real professionals. Since the application’s debut in 2012, Oren Frank stated that more than 350,000 users have already downloaded it onto their mobile devices. As a result, he and his wife managed to make huge sums of money from the app, and they decided to settle in New York City where they would supervise the app.

People who have already downloaded the Talkspace app are saying that the app made it possible for them to speak with a professional therapist anywhere and anytime. It was a big help for them because they no longer had to drive to get to their therapist’s office and more money are saved on gasoline. The therapists, on the other hand, said that online communication works great, just like the traditional way to speak with their patients. They also added that their clients would love to speak about different things especially when they are speaking through their devices. They also noticed that they could express themselves much better if they are using their devices to communicate.

Because of the success of the app, academics from different universities have started to promote it. One of them was the experts coming from Stanford University. The experts claimed that the app managed to simplify the communication effort between the therapists and the public, and they are recommending the app because of its impact to society and its potential to be used extensively in the future as the sole alternative to speaking with the therapists.

Oren Frank thanked everyone who has shown their support to the app that he developed, and he promised the people that there would be more exciting updates in the future. He also said that he would be releasing Talkspace to more markets abroad because he wanted all 7 billion people on the planet to benefit from it and use it as a tool to express what they feel.