Lifestyle in Sydney

People all over the world choose Sydney, Australia as their study destination for a variety of reasons. With its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine, and wonderful climate, Sydney offers a rich living environment for people. It has a diverse culture and friendly community which makes it a great option for people planning to live and study here. For those who love to venture out and explore the city, Sydney, with its temperate climate and frequent events, is the obvious choice.


A Sydney skyline view of the city and its famous Opera House

No End to Exploring:

In a place like Sydney, there is never a dull moment. From the Sydney Opera House to the Harbour Bridge, there are many tourist attractions that catch the eye. The long stretch of beaches such as the Bondi beach and many national parks with Kangaroos and other animals make sure you’re never far from nature. After a long day at work or study, one can always look forward to a relaxing dinner at choice of restaurants overlooking the sea. The warm and welcoming community makes the experience all the more joyful.

Growing Economy and Booming Business

Sydney is recognised as Australia’s only true global city and the leading knowledge based economy. More than $108 billion is generated each year by Sydney proving its resilience even during the global financial crisis. The financial services sector is Sydney’s strongest performing industry followed by media and telecommunications, construction, retail and real estate services. It acts as a highly competitive business centre for world’s fast growing business demands and is the leading gateway to Asia Pacific. Sydney also has the highest number of global firms in all of Australia, further making it the hub for all businesses- global, regional and local.

Home To The Best Universities:

Sydney caters to a broad range of educational needs & has some of the top universities in the world. Students benefit from the urban city life with many museums, historic sites and the famous opera house nearby. Apart from scholarships being provided to meritorious students, there are many facilities that are offered to those who become a part of the education system in Sydney.

Welcoming & Safe Community

Sydney, with all its natural beauty, worldly charm, and active lifestyle, is often described as a network of suburbs, with each suburb having its own individual character. Each suburb has a community centre that has many activities and recreational facilities. The welcoming community makes it a safe place for students to settle in and plan their education path.

Cost of Living

For a newcomer in Sydney, the cost of living might be a tad bit high initially. But combined with all the facilities and amenities one has access to, the cost gradually becomes less of a concern. If planned well, your stay in Sydney for the entire duration of your education can be easily managed. The experience and the quality of life that you get in return is an opportunity of a lifetime.

The UTS Insiders were very keen to live in such a warm and welcoming city. With beautiful city spots and a great UTS campus life, Sydney soon became their home away from home. From having a state-of-the-art campus to access to UTS facilities such as a world-class library and 24-hour computer labs, the exposure that the students get at UTS, is something they will cherish forever.

Meet The UTS Insiders

The UTS Insiders

The UTS Insiders

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