Quick Step-by-Step Guide for a Chick-Fil-A Interview

Image Source: Flickr

Securing a job in the food and services industry can be a valuable career opener for many young members of the workforce. If this is something you are interested in, then it’s important to choose an establishment where you can advance easily with the help of your skills and performance. One restaurant where this is possible is Chick-Fil-A.

Steps in the Hiring Process

Getting hired at Chick-Fil-A is simple enough when you have the right attitude. Even though the restaurant aims to be more serious than your regular fast food establishment, Chick-Fil-A interview questions are accessible and easy to understand. Interviewers don’t lay any traps for candidates, and the atmosphere is largely an approachable one.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the process should be taken lightly. Chick-Fil-A is a respectable company that holds its employees to a certain standard. Therefore, it’s important to complete the hiring process correctly and conduct yourself in such a way as to present your aptitudes. Here are the five main steps of interviewing with the restaurant to get you started.

1. Filing the Application

The first step in securing an interview with your local Chick-Fil-A consists of filing the application for the position you wish to acquire. Due to the company’s rapid growth in the online environment, you can now fulfill this step over the Internet. It generally takes someone between three and five business days to contact you in regard to your submission.  

However, depending on how well the Chick-Fil-A near you handles these requests, time frames may vary. If you apply online and fail to get a callback in the week that follows, try going there in person and filling out a form. The chicken sandwich restaurant chain is hiring new employees all the time, so chances are they simply aren’t the best at keeping up with online applications.

According to some accounts from former or current employees, there are also Chick-Fil-A restaurants that hold what is known as “open interviews” on fixed days during the week. This is usually the case with new franchises that are opening, and candidates can show up during these intervals and get vetted more quickly.

2. Getting the Call Back

As previously mentioned, it takes a few days for recruiters to call you back and request an interview following your online application. Nevertheless, most candidates are offered this opportunity. The person on the other end of the line generally requests that you schedule a one-on-one together in the following three business days, so make sure you have the time.

3. First Interview Session

Think of the first interview session with Chick-Fil-A as an opportunity to make a good impression. You will be asked standard questions, such as why you chose to apply for the job. It is the time to showcase your service industry skills and demonstrate to your potential employer that you can handle the workload.

Who you will be speaking with at this stage of the process may vary. In the case of former employee Jocelyn Baltz, the discussion was moderated by an assistant manager. Other accounts have emphasized that sometimes two managers are present. This varies from location to location, but you shouldn’t worry. The atmosphere is always a friendly and welcoming one.

4. Second Interview Session

The second Chick-Fil-A interview session isn’t much different from the first. You will still be asked general questions so that the company can ensure you are fit for the position. However, the person that moderates the discussion this time around is usually someone you will be working with directly, such as the operator of the location near you.

5. Job Training Period

If the second interview session is successful as well, you will be accepted for the job. Before you can actually get down to business, you have to pass through a training program that consists of a few sessions. It’s nothing to dread, as you simply have to go to work and watch instructive and informative videos with other new employees.

The videos are generally short and engaging, and they explain in great detail how Chick-Fil-A employees should behave while at work. Because the restaurant considers itself more than just a fast food joint, it values etiquette. Customers need to be treated with the utmost respect, and in return, you and your team will receive the same benefit.

The Bottom Line

The hiring process at any Chick-Fil-A follows a classic pattern. First, you apply for the job and wait for a callback. Then, you pass through two interview sessions with your superiors and enter job training. The questions you are asked aren’t tricky or complicated, as they aim to help you showcase your skills. All in all, it’s a good place to start your career in.