If your Mac computer is slow, then you know that the experience has never been fun. Perhaps you want to open the browser and upload a document before the deadline, but your Mac is taking centuries to load. Or maybe you intend to boot it and jump onto a video call, but it decides to disappoint? As you will find out, all macs slow down with age, and yours is not exempted.

That said, there are some hacks to speed up your slow Mac. Here are some ways to do it on macOS Catalina.

Remove the login items

Login items, also known as Startup items, may slow down your Mac. They make use of your Mac’s resources such as RAM memory, CPU, and GPU.

Hence, having many login items running at once can impede the performance of your Mac. Sometimes, the startup item that is running is for an app or service that is no longer present on your Mac or is not supported by your macOS Catalina. This can cause delays when starting your Mac. Also, it can cause issues when launching or using other apps.

You can correct this by removing the login items to increase the performance of your Mac. Simply:

  • Click the lock icon in the bottom left of the window, supply the administrator password, and click the unlock button.
  • The lock icon will change to display an open padlock icon.
  • Select the item from the list you wish to remove by simply clicking or tapping once on the item to highlight it. 
  • Click the minus (-) button at the bottom of the list.
  • The selected item will be removed 

Manage your photos 

You might be surprised by how much of your Mac’s storage is taken up by photos. That certainly makes the task of managing photos in your gallery tedious. Sometimes you may not be sure which photos to delete and which to spare. Fortunately, the list of software that can be used in managing your photos on a macOS Catalina keeps growing. working a lot on the computer or need more light for arts and crafts, Task Lights can help.

You can use photo management software tools to help you remove all the duplicate images from your Mac. It will help organize and delete duplicates to free up space and increase the speed of your Mac.

Update your Mac’s software

Apple releases a new operating system annually. If your Mac is slowing down, then it might be time to update your software. You can easily update your Mac in the following three ways:

  • The Mac Apple Store: On your Mac computer, head to the menu bar and select the Apple logo on the top left. Select “Apple Store” and check to select “Updates” on the left-side menu. Update all the apps in the queue, and you will optimize its speed. 
  • Update software: select the name of the app you want to update from the menu bar. Look at the drop-down menu and click to update. Alternatively, you can check under “Preferences” and see how to update your apps. 

Wrap up

A slow mac could be frustrating to use. We know that devices do eventually slow down as they age. That said, try to optimize its performance during its lifecycle. Follow standard maintenance practices and use tools that will boost the speed of your macOS Catalina