Sentiments expressed by the different colors of flowers:

Flowers come in various kinds, colors, hues and emit all different kinds of smells. Through each of the attributes, they speak their own language. People feel different emotions or sentiments while giving or receiving different flowers. Hence, when you choose a flower or a bouquet to gift someone, you must ensure that you choose the right flowers. At the very least, you should be careful of the color of the flowers. To help you in your flower selection, here is a basic guide to what different colors in online birthday flowers delivery in Mumbai usually signify:     

  1. Red:

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Red flowers with their vibrant, loud color immediately command your attention. Red color flowers are always associated with romantic passionate love. While the red roses have been the classic symbol of love throughout the ages, lovers often choose other flowers such as carnations, gerbera daisies tulips, orchids, etc. in red color. You can gift your favorite red colored flowers to your beloved or spouse on any occasion, or just like that, as a surprise!

  1. White:      

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White color symbolizes a number of things such as spirituality, respect, reverence, grace, innocence, purity, etc. So, when you choose white flowers for someone, you could be expressing any of these emotions for the receiver or something along the same spectrum.

  1. Yellow:

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Yellow color flowers convey happiness, joviality and cheer. They emanate positive energy and happiness wherever they go. Hence, when someone dear to you is depressed or unhappy, yellow flowers are the right gift to cheer them up. Yellow is also the universally accepted color of friendship and bonding. In particularly, yellow lilies are known to symbolize the deepest and warmest of friendships!

  1. Pink:

Pink is a soft color and often associated with delicate femininity. So, pink color flowers are symbolic of innocence, sensitivity, and simple, elegant beauty. Moreover, for some people, pink is more a color of romantic love than red. For them, red represents the fiery, intense, passionate kind of love that is driven by desire. But, pink represents the purer and gentler form of love. So, it is up to you – which color represents your love?

  1. Orange:

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The orange color is often associated with the radiance of sunrays. Hence yellow color flowers can be used to mirror the brightness of the sunlight or convey a happiness that is as bright as sunlight. You can also gift orange color flowers to convey the fiery warmth and passion of your emotions to your lover or spouse. Or you can buy someone a bouquet of orange flowers to convey that they are full of life and inspire you with their enthusiasm.  

  1. Purple:

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Right since the middle ages, high-ranked nobles and members of the royal were presented with purple flowers. Thus, they symbolize success, dignity, elegance, pride and wealth. Hence you can choose purple flowers for the right person on the appropriate occasion.