Scion Staffing in portland

Scion Staffing portland is an award-winning and the most prominent staffing agencies in Portland. It acts as an executive search firm, temporary staffing agency, direct hire for clients with extraordinary talents to hire.

It delivers top-notch recruitment services and staffing solutions to many companies across the globe. If your organization is searching for freshers or top management experts, you can rely on scion staffing portland to find the right hires. Moreover, it bridges the gap between the companies, employers and organizations.

Scion staffing is also one of the topmost in the Oregon metro region when it comes to the best staffing agency in Portland. The entire hiring process is focused on quantitative principles and uses technology to ensure full accountability of the whole process.

It provides strong assistance you need to get candidates to the source. The specialist consultants will perform a comprehensive review of your company and career profile before selecting candidates based on your work needs.

Before sourcing candidates, and to screen the applicants, Scion staffing adopts sophisticated machine learning algorithms to evaluate their match with the needs and culture of the company.

As part of staffing services, there will be a background checking for applicants. Scion will act as a constant point of contact between the company and the applicants until completion of the recruitment process.

Why Scion staffing

Scion staffing Portland offers management solutions for businesses from all industries including Manufacturing, Energy, Public relations, Human resources, Sales, Engineering, Telecommunications, IT & ITES, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Service sectors etc.

The best part of being with Scion staffing helps to have an extensive national presence, and if you have branches in various parts of the nation, you can have us as your one-point contact for recruitment needs across the globe. No more searching for the best personnel companies when you have us in Portland.

Whether you’re looking to hire one senior employee or hundreds of resources at a time, Scion gives you all the help you need for your company. So, no matter how many candidates you want to hire, every time you can expect scion to commit 100 per cent.

Scion had greater experience in hiring candidates with customized and curated staffing solutions.

Scion Staffing Services

Scion staffing portland provides services in distinct areas: Executive Search, Direct Hire and Temporary Staffing.

1.Temporary Staffing:

Scion Staffing is an award-winning temporary staffing service listed in Business times and added to the list of best executive search firms in the world by Forbes.

Scion Staffing provides temporary staffing from top corporation to nonprofit organizations having sound knowledge and experience in the field. Irrespective of your company concerns, the temporary staffing manager at scion, we help you to grab the best talent for your organizations.

The temporary staffing at scion is ready to accept new challenges and can work in an array of vertical industries such as:

  • Finance,
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Administrative functions
  • Customer services
  • IT engineering
  • Supply chain and many more vertical sectors.
  1. Direct Hire:

Scion staffing adores professional relationships and networks that are expansive on the market, job seekers looking for new opportunities, experienced professionals, and industry experts etc. Candidates that are outsourced can definitely meet the organization’s requirements because they are screened by the industry experts at scion.

Scion staffing direct hire services include:

  1. Recruiting the talent: This service helps organizations to recruit a vast number of experienced professionals for direct placements. Because scion will place only the talented candidate pool only after screening them through various techniques.
  2. Skills evaluation: Here a deep scanning of the candidate’s skills will be checked before getting hired.
  3. Pipeline creation: Establish the connection between the employers and employee to have an open discussion.
  4. Interview coordination: It helps the organizations by scheduling the interviews with the top candidates for each and every vacancy.
  5. Reference checks: Background verification of the candidates will be done on behalf of the companies who are hiring.
  6. Work eligibility and background checking: Also crosscheck with the work experience and eligibility of the candidates.
  7. Human resources and recruitment process etc.

The direct hire staffing at scion is ready to accept new challenges and can work in an array of vertical industries such as:

  • Sales and Business Development
  • Administrative
  • Human Resources, Information technology, Networking, Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Executive marketing etc.

Executive Search

Scion Staffing Portland is a recognized local and regional Executive Search Expert. We are specialized in providing proven executive pipelines for corporations, start-ups and expanding organisations.

Every candidate outsourced at scion is thoroughly screened before digging into the interview panel by the organizations. It helps in simplifying the work of the companies, by outsourcing the talents based on their key skills.

Scion Executive Search services for the clients include: 

Analysis – helps to learn, plan, and immediately create a successful recruitment schedule you may rely on.

Recruiting: Provides an extensive candidate pool for the companies.

Networking: Scion comes with a wide network environment.

Screening: Candidates are referred to the companies only after they are selected in the screening test.

Evaluation: Candidates profiles are thoroughly evaluated.

Candidate Presentations: Effectively deliver the candidates

Client Interviews: Schedule the interviews

Final Candidate Selection: Helps in the final selection of the candidates.

Reference & Background Checking: Background verification is done before selecting the candidate.

Final Offer/Close.

Scion Staffing Portland Leads Executive Searches is ready to grow your organization by selecting the right candidates depending on your business needs. It provides services for a wide array of industries as follows:

  • Sales and Business Development
  • Administrative
  • Human Resources, Information technology, Networking, Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Executive marketing etc.
  • Operations
  • Communications and PR
  • Legal, Medical and Healthcare etc.

Scion is ready to provide the expertise you need to keep your company running at full efficiency and smoothly. For more information regarding our contingent search services, please click here.