Education is the very important factor to be considered for the development of an individual. The individual can be a child or an adult. Education is the base foundation for the growth of one’s life. There is no rich and poor in education it is to be possessed by everyone to unleash their potential.

In order to provide a quality education especially for the low-income level students, rocketship education had come into existence. It was started in the year 2006. It had been working together in partnership with others for the development of their education academy. It serves 15000 students out of which 85% of students are from low-income levels.

Rocketship Education is a national network of high performing elementary schools to serve the underserved communities. They offer quality education with many developmental skills. It is a network of public k 5 charter schools serving primarily the low-income level students where access to excellent schools is limited. With rocketship education, each and every student can meet the unique needs by using the adaptive technology, traditional instruction and targeted tutoring etc.

Apart from educating the students they also empower the parents, teachers and inspire the communities as well. Rocketship bold mission is to eradicate or minimize the achievement gap in our lifetime. It follows ever trending techniques, rules to empower their students. They make their students mentally, physical adaptive to any environment and circumstances. They mainly focus on brightening their students future. Students are provided with a user-friendly environment so as to interact with each other.

Many people played a vital role in the expansion of rocketship education. It had partnered with many charter schools, non-profit organizations, and government agencies for transforming the lives of the students. It had been the partner with education pioneer since 2008. The partnership locations are DC Metro Area, Nashville, San Francisco Bay Area.

Rocketship Public Schools Mission and Vision:

At Rocketship Public Schools, students are encouraged with an infinite possibility to unleash their human potential. Everyone has the right to dream, discover and develop their unique capabilities. The teachers try to the maximum extent to bring out the students potential. Its vision is to reduce the time gap to achieve success.

Its mission is to catalyze the transformative change in the low-income level communities by establishing more public schools. The rocketship public schools should intellectually talk about the students’ achievement.

Mission Values:

  • Authenticity: They provide a transparency in their work on how to learn and grow with honesty, humility etc.
  • Community: They think over the different perspectives which will reflect in their mission and vision.
  • Tenacity: In order to reach their goals they take courageous steps to reach out to a great output.
  • Innovation: They face responsible risks in pursuit of meaningful impact. They always rethink to discover new for brightening the lives of low-income level students.
  • Excellence: At rocketeer, each and every student are subjected to unleash their potential so as to achieve their dream goal.

3 Pillars of Rocketship Public Schools:

The Rocketship Public Schools are mainly built on focusing 3 pillars. They are:

  • Personalized Learning: It stipulates the tailoring instruction, content learning experience and provides the pace to unleash the potential of each and every student.
  • Talent Development: It also brings out the talent of every member inside the classroom by exploring the worthy potential inside them.
  • Parent Power: It also empowers the parents to unleash their children potentials to become champions.

Rocketship Public Schools Model:

The transformative public schools operate mainly in four content blocks every day. Humanities, STEM, Learning Lab and enrichment. This model or way of approach helps to get possible student outcomes. Through the content specialization, teachers can collectively collaborate together in developing the classroom management strategies, create lesson plans and engage parents.

Learning Process for every student: The teachers train each and every student individually to get better output. Through adaptive online learning program, group tutoring, instructive level learning through practice and repetition helps to develop the student. By using the adaptive technology and targeted in tutoring one can optimize the teachers’ talent and instruction time.

Educate as a Whole: At rocketship, the child can be educated as a whole. It promotes the core values of persistence, empathy, responsibility, and respect. They also provide the diverse array of enrichment classes, art, nutrition, gardening, music, and dance etc. It delivers the all-round education which builds the critical thinking capability, teamwork, character skills and moral values that the rocketeers need to thrive in the school.

Rocketship schools as community schools: Mostly the families are deeply engaged in the students’ academic life and the school community. They treat every parent as their family and take suggestions and designs to build a better education system for their school or for the child.

The rocketship campus serves with a principal, assistant principal, business operation manager and office manager. They lead a team of teachers, tutors, enrichment coordinators, support staff, personalized instructions to students from pre k to grade 5.


All children have the potential and the public schools need to unleash the potential. But today quality of education depends on where you live and how much your parents earn. With rocketship educational system one can create the educational equity in the disadvantaged communities across the country. It is very happy to be a part of this education system as it serves the students with great care. It transforms every student dream into reality by experiencing the authenticity.