Every year we faced or happened to see the things like in Kerala. Particular 2018, Kerala monsoon floods had affected a lot on their economy and lifestyle. Due to the weather conditions, many of the countries are affecting a lot. Now it’s your turn to help the flood victims and support them morally as well as financially.

As a human you be should open-hearted to help and rebuild the lives of the people of Kerala state. The unexpected rainfalls and the opening of the dams made the state to survive in such unfavorable conditions. As you all know that it is one of the tourist spot and famous for religious temples too. As a traveler or tourist, you happened to enjoy its beauty. But now it’s your time to put your hands forward to regain it’s natural beauty as all the glory remained in a flood environment.

Many people think that the Government should provide strong support for the affected victims.

Yeah, definitely government will rescue the people of Kerala to maximum extent but as the neighbor or human being you should react to the situation and also as you are the people of this nation, the government tries maximum to rescue the victims of Kerala. The people of Kerala are suffering from homeless, food and several other factors.

Due to the unexpected rainfall, there had been a great damage to the country economy as well as the life of people. By your financial support, you should rehabilitate the lives of Kerala. Due to the floods, the mud got stuck in the houses and many buildings had been damaged causing a great loss.

In order to rescue the flood victims you need to offer food, medicines and also provide shelter. I am giving a small suggestion to all our readers or the people to give a small portion of your salary as the funds to the flood victims. If you are the person who spends on shopping, restaurant, donate a few cents to the people.

If you are the student or a worker collect the money as an initiative and send them to the CM relief funds or bank accounts for helping the needy people.

Click here to contribute your funds.

Contribute to CMs Distress Relief Fund by clicking here.

You can also donate online through the bank accounts.

Account Number:67319948232
Bank: State Bank of India.
Branch: City Branch, Thiruvananthapuram
IFS Code:SBIN0070028
Name of Donee: CMDRF

As a human react to the tragic situation of Kerala and help the Victims. Each and every single rupee you spend for them adds a value for your money. You can support them financially and morally in any way you wish. But do not neglect because your presence may help the others to better their lives on this Earth.