Thanks to advancing technology, weather prediction has come a long way from analyzing reoccurring meteorological and astronomical events; halo phenomena; and Aristotle’s theorization on the interaction of air, water, earth and fire. The invention of instruments such as the barometer and the hygrometer, and the consequent development of the weather station technologies, has made weather tracking and reporting easier and more sophisticated.

Why Own a Personal Weather Station

It is likely you think it is adequate to get weather updates from the news, radio or internet like you’ve always done. However, you might want to give some thought to investing in a personal weather station. Here are some reasons why.

  1.   More Localized Data

Generally, official weather reports provide an overview of expected weather conditions over a broad area and there are possibilities for variation among localities. When you have your own personal station, you get a more accurate picture for your target area, possibly more in-depth than what you would get from the official weather network, and for the specific time frame. This is particularly useful if you’re living in an area that is not easily accessible.

The custom forecast for your micro-climate would take into account aspects such as temperature, wind direction and speed, relative humidity, rainfall, and barometric pressure. If you’re in a profession that requires you to keep track of the weather such as agriculture, fishing, hunting, meteorology or construction, you can imagine how rewarding it is to have such convenient access to precise weather information.

  1.   Can Plan Outings Based on Weather

You perhaps are no stranger to the situation when you were out on what you thought would be a picnic in pleasant weather but it turned out to be one in very trying heat and humidity conditions. Alternatively, maybe you decided to walk to work but got unexpectedly struck by a downpour just a few minutes away from the destination. A personal weather station makes it possible to avert such accidents. Based on the degree of expected humidity, temperature, wind conditions or possibility of rain, you can plan your backyard barbecue, trekking or beach trip with greater peace of mind.

  1.   Coordinate Gardening and Home Improvement in a Better Fashion

The real-time weather information that a weather station provides can help you suitably co-ordinate home improvements such as garage upgrades or home painting. Likewise, you can also better coordinate your gardening/outdoor activities such as trimming the trees.

  1.   Stay Safe from Lightning and Storms

If you purchase a weather station with a lightning detection feature, you will come to know whenever there’s lightning storm activity in your area. The system would calculate the approximate distance to lightning strike.

With the majority of professional weather stations, it is possible to set alarms to sound for excessive weather conditions. Such an alarm system feature will help you be aware of when it is not safe to venture out of the house, or otherwise, take any kind of preventative actions. The station itself would be of a weather resistant design (make certain of it before you buy).

  1.   Can Be Used to Control Home Devices

You can even leverage your personal weather station to control other devices in your home on the basis of the weather-based inputs. So thermostat settings, lights, rain gauges, and blinds can be triggered on the basis of the micro-climatic conditions prevalent at a particular time. If your lawn irrigation systems and garden sprinklers are web-connected, your station may be able to command them too.

  1.   Monitor from Anywhere

Even if you are away from your home or farm or whichever other place you wish to track the weather at, owing to the internet connectivity of your weather station, you can still monitor the weather from where you are.

  1.   To Share your Knowledge

If no one else in your area owns a personal weather station, your owning one would be of great help to the community. You can share alarming weather alerts with them and less threatening but perhaps interesting recordings with fellow weather enthusiasts.

When choosing a personal weather station, consider whether you need a basic or more advanced model. Should it be outdoor, portable or wireless? Think about what kind of weather aspects you wish to track and what your budget is like. You also need to look into installation and the ease of operation, durability and design among other factors. Go with a reliable manufacturer/brand and preferably check and compare reviews to make the best choice.