Are you a good content writer? Missing genuine traffic to your website.  Many people who after writing the articles go for spell check and grammar using the Grammarly google chrome add-on tool.  Though you had done corrections in Grammarly part there are few things to be corrected to make your content more engaging to your audience.

As a blogger, I used to write the articles in the google docs and check the grammar mistakes using the Grammarly tool. But I found less perfect and needed a good editing software to strengthen my content.

Meanwhile, I had come across the Prowritingaid editing software where you can edit your articles very fast and efficiently.  This prowritingaid is the world-class editing software as plays very important as the writer’s toolbox. You can enjoy the prowritingaid features for the free as well as premium versions. For the free version, it supports 500 words document. In the premium version, you can access and get full reports for editing your documents.

Before going to purchase the premium version first you need to try the trial version for 14 days and see how it performs in creating more quality, unique content for the readers without any mistakes It not only checks the grammar but also helps you to improve in writing.

Why one needs to consider this tool for writing?

The prowritingaid editing software tool analyzes your writing and gives the reports related to overused words, sentence length, writing style, repeated words, and phrases all will be known to you. Interactive editing is made possible with the prowritingaid tool. With the premium prowritingaid tool, you can edit the documents where you want in spite of no word count limits.

Pricing for the prowritingaid tool:

  • The free version supports 500 words document to be analyzed for reports.
  • The premium membership for a year with 40$.
  • For 2 years they will charge 60$.
  • For 3 years they will charge 80$.
  • The lifetime membership with 140$ in spite of unlimited words.

Check the documents for Plagiarism with prowritingaid tool:

It’s very easy to check your work for plagiarism against the millions of web pages, published works on the internet to be well sure about the content uniqueness and originality. The main advantage of prowritingaid plagiarism is that it never stores, resells, shares your content with others.

The tool provides the plagiarism checks at the following rates.

  1. You can purchase 10 plagiarism checks at 5$.
  2. 100 checks at 20$.
  3. 500 checks at 60$.
  4. 1000 checks at 100$.

Now let’s go through on how to use the prowritingaid editing software.

As soon as you had logged in you can see the prowritingaid tool editor with the options available for creating the good content.  You need to upload the do document or y paste the document for editing it. 

In the prowritingaid software, you can manually check the documents for grammatical errors, styles, overused words, readability, pacing, thesaurus, pronouns, consistency, transition etc.  All things can be checked at one place using this content editing tool.

Your documents summary will be reported as follows using this editing tool.

prowritingaid review

Identifying the overused words and sentence structure:

Identifying and reducing the use of overused words will improve your writing. You need to change the overused word with a new substitute word. The too-long sentence is very hard for the audience to read. Variation in the sentence length keep your readers engaged. Check whether the sentence is of the same length to write good content. In the writing style, the tool highlights the article passive voice, hidden verbs, and adverbs. You can also check the grammar and spelling issues in your content.

prowritingaid review

Reduce the usage of glue words:

prowritingaid review

Sticky sentences contain too many glue words, you need to reduce the usage of glue words in the sentences to make your readers more engaged. By cutting down the glue words in the sentences make the readers’ job easier. You need to add the faster pacing to make the readers’ more actively involved in the content.

The transitions in the document should be perfect such as you need to link the words phrases so as to give a proper structure to your documents.  Consistency checks for the consistent spelling, hyphenation and capitalization too.

prowritingaid review

Thesaurus check:

In the thesaurus report, you can get the detailed list of verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives used in the document. In thesaurus check, it shows the possible ways to replace the verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives.


A prowritingaid software tool is an amazing tool for writers. The main goal is to clean sweep the issues for achieving or making your piece of content look wonderful for your readers. It saves the writers time by making the editors concentrate on the elements that require a human touch. So make your content look more engaging with the prowritingaid software tool.