PCs have truly transformed the face of gaming. Looking back, PC gaming has gone through some fascinating changes since its CD-ROM days.

Before, browsing CD-ROMs in gaming shops were a thing. In fact, some games were even included as a freebie when you buy cereal. Kids were often excited to get home and test out the game on their computers.

When the internet became more accessible, flash games became more popular. These were games that you played through browsers.

Then, when mobile phones came into the picture and transformed into smartphones, gaming also changed course along with it.

Today, gaming manufacturers have found a way to converge the CD-ROM and browser game era through gaming services like Steam. This paved the way for online games to arise, such as Defence of the Ancients 2, Fortnite, Overwatch, and the like.

With technology continuously upgrading, so does PC gaming. Before, when you buy a certain game, you’ll have to make do with it until the next release, which you will then need to buy again.

Today, you don’t have to purchase the next versions. When a game is released, it’s not likely to be a finished product most of the time. Developers usually release updates and patches over the next few months or years to elevate the gaming experience.

The more intense and visually appealing a game is, the more it burdens your PC. So make sure to get a stronger PC or gaming laptop that can handle the demands of online games.

The future of PC gaming is bright. We can only imagine what’s next to come.