Excited with the Lufthansa outlook on life to support people through travel exploration.

If anyone asks you a simple question i.e. why do you love the world?

As the world is open to everyone there are no boundaries for cherishing your memories.

Definitely I can say the open-mindedness in people, the rich cultural heritage, novelty in traveling through distinct geographic locations by adapting to the new lifestyle. Your personality and curiosity will help you to open new thoughts and experiences to cherish your life with new discoveries.

Being Open mind literally changed the way I see the world:

open minded

Open minded people live in a better reality because they can judge themselves and take the decisions based on the visuality and perception. It will increase your inner creativity skills and the way you receive this world. Your personality shapes what you see in this world which involves creativity and imagination.

Your new experiences will link to produce the creative solutions to the problems.

Being open minded I strongly believe what I do, think no matter how others try to persuade me. This doesn’t mind that you’re close-minded. Opening the door to my mind helps to get new ideas to come in.

I personally changed myself on seeing the things around me in a good realistic way than previously.

Being open-minded one can possess a lot of benefits:

  • You can control your thoughts and can experience new ideas. It was very liberating to look around the world.
  • You can experience the changes, new opportunities to visualize the world around you.
  • You can recognize the mistakes and see the things from others perspectives.
  • You can strengthen yourself and believe in what you see.
  • You can gain confidence with the strong sense of self.
  • Being open mind will help you to be honest in perceiving the world.

I myself being open-minded effortlessly breath for taking up the challenges in life. It’s a worthy try to embrace new ideas with an open mind.


By saying yes to the world had given me a different perspective on my life and the world around me. Because by saying yes for this world with an open mind, I had rebirth again on this earth.

In my career starting, I was the person who struggles hard to present to the world. I hide from every aspect, not even make my dream true to show up for this world. A situation in my life had changed my life perspective. One of my cousins had passed away at teenage and he couldn’t even fulfill his ambition and desires.

I started thinking that our life is short and needs to enjoy utmost in this beautiful world. Then I open up my mind to think everything with confidence and create innovative ideas. As my strength grows, I left the hibernation caves and started doing things differently.

By saying yes to the world I felt more alive than previous which radically changed my life. I was open up to endless possibilities and potential in life. For anything to happen you need money along with creative skills. So I had started the website and slowly it gained popularity.

As I committed saying yes to the world, I could see many opportunities arose and continue my dream project successfully. Everything started magnetized towards me with the open mind and by saying yes for the world.

If you’re confident and say yes to the world, you can:

  • Open doors to your dreams.
  • Will help to meet new personalities and experiences.
  • Your life can be more excited and potential.

Everything turned positively and financial I was very strong to support every part of life. I could plan worthy tourist attractions for exploring the new destinations. I was the world traveler who had visited many adventurous, thrilling places in the world. But I could carry my dreams home with the Goa traveling and adventurous experiences.

Funny Things To Do To Make Your Travel Enjoy:

In my view traveling brings a lot of great experiences too.

  • To enjoy your travel you need to choose the best transportation. Here Lufthansa provides best facilities and makes your vacation wonderful with full of memories.
  • You need to try out new sports and activities such as rock climbing, snorkeling, scuba diving and skiing.You can enjoy as long as you are open mind and not afraid of trying new experiences.
  • You need to talk to locals and make new friends.
  • You need to get to know the local history and a visit to the historical places as well.
  • Food is a part of the country’s culture, eat the traditional foods.
  • By taking the sea tour.

My cherished and innovative traveling experience in Goa

“Exploring the new city is very close to exploring a new world.”

By magnetizing every success towards me with the open mind, I could enjoy the most cherished and traveling experiences. I can discover the new spots for recreation, can meet different personalities, view and experience the lifestyle, culture, nativity and the specialties.

If you say, yes for the world with an open mind you will be the one who enjoys the world with new thrilling and exciting experiences. By experiencing the water rides, cruises, water sports, shopping and dolphin watching etc in the beautiful world of Goa.

You are the one who can enjoy every part of the city style, adventures, new thrills. You can experience new things and conquer your fears to develop a lifetime of memories to cherish. You can have the best journey with the quality of experience.

On my visit to Goa, I had completely explored the beaches, hotels and cultural highlights too.

I was totally cherished and open up to spend my life in the Goa on the holiday trip. With the close move into the city Goa I can catch the better possibilities to spend an exploring life.

Experiencing the sunset on the beaches and inner view

world traveller

I was very much excited to spend my first day of our trip to the beach where I can capture the Indian sunshine, culture, and character. In Goa, you can experience the languid and relaxed atmosphere. One can enjoy the Goa’s famous seafood while dining beside a comfortable backdrop of the ocean with a cooling, mild sea breeze all around you.

Goa is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of different beaches such as Arossim, Benaulim, and Colva. Most of the domestic and international tourists attract this place during the summer vacations. We can also get the best accommodation near the beaches. Plenty of resorts for staying with rich food and maintenance. On the beach shore, you can see the coconut trees in a bundled amount.

Love the world

Thrilling experience on visiting the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

I had visited the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Old Goa. We had come across the spice plantation and the temples of Ponda. The bird sanctuary was very fantastic and could see different birds in one place, I also enjoyed the boat ride down the river Mandovi. While traveling down the river you could see the kites, kingfishers and saltwater crocodiles too. We had the best meals in the spice plantation.

Halt at Goa capital city, Panjim

We had spent a few time by walking in the beautiful Latin Quarter. It’s the hustle and bustle of central Goa with many resorts wide open. I had also visited the remote beaches of Agonda and Palolem. They are the most beautiful ones with the soft sand and coconut trees with the clear blue sea lapping the shore. The beautiful sand art which creates a special sign of the beach.

Dolphin Watching:

The beaches are the home of the dolphins. In my Watersports I could see the dolphins swinging, jumping in the water. They attract the tourist eyes a lot. It was embracing an unforgettable scene. The boat ride to the exotic beaches where you can even enjoy the coastal beauty of the city, music with dance and can enjoy the beauty of the sea with the dolphins.

With the unforgettable experience, I can swim in the seas, breath in the skies and paint myself with the artistic skills of Goa.

Apart from enjoying the Goa beauty you can also enjoy and spend a quality time with your loved ones.

  • Can have the time to spend with your family.
  • You can visit the Dudhsagar Falls as children will be overjoyed to see them.
  • You can explore the old forts which help the children to gather a few information and enables them to improve their skills.
  • Be energetic and brave enough to enjoy the hot air balloon flight on the cool sea breezes.
  • You can experience the thrilling and exciting wonders with the scuba diving at Grande Island in Goa.
  • You can adventure the rafting at Valpoi river in Goa.
  • You can do trekking in the Dudhsagar Falls and enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfalls, wildlife.
  • AVT biking and Camping in Goa gives you a new thrilling and adventurous experience to face the world with open-mindedness.

My final day of the journey was very much thrilled and was very sad to leave the Goa because I felt I need to explore a lot even after my complete journey in Goa. I enjoyed the delicious meals, hopping from hotel to hotel. When I get back to my native lifestyle, began to reflect the week I was exploring and experienced in Goa.


I can truly say that one needs to strongly believe what he does. One should arise his ideas to think practically and as there is no limit for enjoyments, you need to be the one to open up your mind to this world to enjoy.

I felt like so as I enjoyed a lot with the Goa beauty. Because I enjoyed a lot with the natural beauty, lifestyle, seafood, thrilling and exciting experiences in beaches of Goa, the resorts, forts, museums, churches, wildlife sanctuary and the historic places etc. are the perfect destination spots for the holiday.

By saying yes to the world had completely changed your thoughts in visualizing the world with a new perspective. So be open mind and dare enough to face the world with exciting discoveries and traveling experiences says Lufthansa India.