Without a doubt, you already know a lot about the importance of running a professional website. All in all, whatever your business is about, in 2019, it’s impossible to survive without a top-notch online project. Basically, it is a real must-have for any startup as well as for any young company. That’s why, in this post, I’m about to showcase a new handy service called ONE.

What Is It?

ONE Subscription

To start with, ONE by TemplateMonster is a brand-new subscription service. It was created to make your life more comfortable. So how does it work? The service allows online users to get different premium digital items made for web design and website building. When visiting a marketplace, you usually buy these products separately. However, using ONE subscription, you get all these products at once.

Another cool thing about the service is that ONE provides you with free technical support. The support comes for all the products you purchase. It works 24/7.

As you can see, ONE is a real powerpack made for website building. It comes for numerous platforms, so everyone can find something up to their taste.

The Products

ONE Subscription

Needless to say, all the items you buy using ONE subscription are high-quality. The list includes all the premium themes, best-selling products, and many flagships. Among them, you can see such well-known themes as:

  • Monstroid2 WordPress theme,
  • WooStroid2 WooCommerce theme,
  • Intense HTML theme,
  • Eveprest PrestaShop theme,
  • Multifly Shopify theme,
  • Magetique Magento theme.

These were just to name a few. Honestly speaking, the full list of available products is extra big and it’s impossible to view out all of them. That’s why you can be sure that, no matter how unusual your topic is, you will certainly find the needed item or items.

Besides, the list of products you can get with ONE subscription also includes the templates for Elementor and the famous Jet plugins. Today, Elementor is the most popular tool for WordPress-based sites. It provides the website owner with multiple trendy options and 100% creator-friendly interface.

Unlimited Yearly License

To make a long story short, ONE Membership provides you with everything and anything you may be interested in when building a site. It’s a great helper both for the beginners and skilled users. To say more, ONE Web Development Kit Membership is a must-have for those who make money with website building.

In case you are designing or launching a website for a client, just try ONE subscription service. It will definitely further your working process.

In fact, there’s no need to repurchase the products. All of them come with an Unlimited Yearly License. This license allows you to use the chosen items on unlimited domains for 1 year. And what should you do when this year is over? Well, your online project will continue working.You will continue getting the updates for the plugins you use.


When it comes to the updates you get within ONE subscription… Well, they are literally endless. Every month, over a hundred fresh products are going to be added to the service. As a result, the number of available products will quickly increase.

For Website Owners

In fact, ONE subscription service provides you with numerous comfy options. It will be your #1 helper in case you are about to set up a fresh site. On the other hand, it’s a useful thing in case you already have your own online project. Of course, website building is much more than getting a domain name and buying stylish features.

This process also includes such points as server maintenance or SEO improvement. Needless to say, all of these steps may be complicated for a beginner. Still, these details are extra important if you want to get success. And here is why you will need ONE.

Fortunately, these days, there are many professional services to help you with a new project launching. You can find plenty of offers for it. There are professionals who are ready to help you with a template installation, speed optimization, customization process, etc. Using ONE subscription, you get access to these services too.


First things first, ONE subscription will cost you $229 only! I mean you can get access to dozens of premium products for less than $230. It’s a shocking price comparing to the cost of a usual theme which makes nearly $75.

In Summary

And now it’s time to sum everything up! As you can see, ONE subscription service by TemplateMonster is going to be super quick and user-friendly. And it can save your budget as well which is so important for young projects. To finish with, here are the main reasons why you should think of using ONE for your project or projects.

  1. To start with, purchasing a subscription with multiple products is easier and faster than purchasing all these items separately. Buying a plugin or a single theme, you never know for sure if it will be enough for your website. Obviously, you can check all the details and make sure that the product has everything you are looking for. Secondly, ONE membership gives you access to thousands of products and all of them are high-quality! As a result, you will never worry that your template doesn’t feet your topic. Working with ONE, you can choose from dozens of voguish themes. All of them are versatile, easy in use, and SEO-friendly.
  2. Another wise reason to think of using ONE membership is that the extended licenses will influence your project’s budget. When it comes to ONE, the subscription lasts the whole year from the date of purchase. With it, you can use any of the products provided within the service. To say more, you can use the items as many times as you need. And they can be used for as many projects as you want.
  3. Plus, you will have free and friendly technical support for all the products you get with ONE membership.