[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you are a blogger, monetization is very important. I myself own a blog and used several ad networks and Google Adsense to earn revenue from it. As the days pass I found all those ad networks had given me less revenue in spite of my hard work.

I had found the mediavine publisher ad network on the google which helped me to grow and increase the revenue. It’s the best ad network which provides full service and ad management including display, monetization, video monetization, and marketing. The team of the mediavine manages your ads and simply generate revenue for you.

The mediavine takes the role of the ad manager and focus on creating the best content for you. It optimizes all the placements of ads on your website. With mediavine, you can give your readers the 70%viewability and the mediavine video player for streaming of the videos on the website to monetize.

Real People, Real Stories and Real Engagement is made possible with mediavine.

The mediavine publishers will create the content more elegantly which will leave lasting impressions on their audience. They get you right influencer for your brand to be notified. It’s the google certified publishing partner.

Silent Features of the Mediavine

  • It provides an updated and cool dashboard for easy navigation.
  • It maintains a good revenue share and you can know your daily earnings too.
  • It provides the actionable suggestions and we can check where the things are going out of service.
  • With the mediavine ads your website load speed increase when compared to other ad networks.
  • Though their team is small in size but provides good support for your issues with their network and clears your doubts.
  • Its very easy to contact them through the email, dashboard, Facebook or through phone number.
  • You can get god percentage of your earnings if you stay in being the partner with them. Every year you get a few amount as the bonus.

In order to sign up for the mediavine your website needs to have at least 25k sessions on a monthly basis, then only your website gets approved for the media vine ads network. After filling all the approval details such blog URL, name, email and the blog platform you need to submit it for approval. The approval process takes a few days.

More than 2300+ publishers are enjoying with the mediavine ad services, it reaches to 118.8MM people, 2+ billion ad impressions and 100% satisfaction.They invite and encourage all the bloggers across the globe to the mediavine ad management. They will show you how you can do better with their ads placements.

Why one need to opt the mediavine ad services?

  • They are the publisher first community who tests each and every ads on their own site to give you deliver you best output.
  • They charge no administrative fees, onboarding costs and server charges only a flat percentage is taken out of their hard work.
  • It provides the most customized service in the industry in spite of any number of page views you are getting.
  • There are the independent publishers who help you to evolve and continue in the aspect of success.

With the mediavine you can see everything as transparent. No hidden game.You can see everything just on the dashboard itself. You can also shorten your sidebar by getting the optimized revenue from it.The green light shows that your ads are performing the best and the yellow lights indicate that they should do a little work for better.

With the mediavine advanced reporting system you can see which ads are performing the best and turn on or off depending on them even on your dashboard.You can see your ad unit impressions, fill rate, CPM, ad viewability and revenue earned from that specific ad.They are very quick to respond and user-friendly too.

Pros and cons of the mediavine ad network


  • User friendly dashboard with multiple opportunities for expanding the business.
  • When using the mediavine you do not think of multiple income streams.
  • No need to worry about different advertising networks, just think about the content to be placed in the blog.
  • They maintain good relationship with the bloggers to reach to right audience.
  • They not also optimize the ad revenue but also increases the load time of the website.
  • It controls the SEO.
  • It promotes effectively and develops relationship with other publishers.


  • They will show more than 5 ads on a single page which disturbs the attention of the readers and also for mobile-specific users it does the same.
  • The mediavine ads are not better for the blog posts with less than 500 words.
  • To be effective your blog posts should be more than 1000 words then only the mediavine ads would generate a flat revenue share.
  • If the bloggers use too many images which are very big in size then your website load increases. So use proper images which suits your blog theme while using the mediavine ad network.

Mediavine ad network does not offer the affiliate program to get promote their business. They simply want to enlarge their business growth and shows integrity for the publishers who use their ad services. They offer you the loyalty bonus program. They will provide you 1% of your previous year earnings as the bonus for being in partnership with the media vine ad network. For 2 years it expands 2% and this might goes on increasing depending on the relationship with them.

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