LG is not a type, it’s a brand. It has its uniqueness in reality when compared with other products. In our surroundings we find multiple electronic washing machines, in such situation it’s hard to come across the one which fits you the best. LG being the branded one having all the components fit into the system as a whole. This machine goes on smoothly with the help of DC motor by overcoming the belt system. Because of its simplicity in structure it can be easily operated or used by every citizen.


1) LG Washing machine consists of highly advanced technologies which consist a Dc motor that directly drives the drum without belt and pulley.
2) This machine purely based on DC motor in order to enhance the performance so as to reduce the noisy levels.
3) One of the main features is that it has the ability of auto-restart facility, in case of power failure it restarts from the stage where it stopped.
4) LG Washing machine consists of heaters internally which heat the water to the best temperature on selected cycles.
5) By sensing the amount of load and balance in the drum it evenly distribute load and minimizes the noise levels.
6) Another feature is that it has the child lock system , which is helpful in case of kids pressing any buttons during performing washing, it prevents from activation of the button.
7) LG Washing machine provides cover cap at bottom which captures the dirty particles (Example: pins waste water or any threads) which can be cleaned once in 15 days.


• LG’s Washing Machine performance sounds good, here prewash is an added advantage which is highly having extraordinary performance because of its genuine.

• It reduces the wastage of time in case of power failure, as it restarts from where it stopped.

• It has the ability to wash different types of laundry separately depending on the colors so that we can have genuine results.
• For example if you want 100 % accurate wash of your laundry keep all white laundry in one wash and colored garments in another wash separately.

• The door of the washing machine opens only when it completes washing and gives an alarm sound up on completion.


I had been using this machine past 6 months, I ultimately suggest you the LG’s because of its simplicity in design, reliability, durability and cost effectiveness.
So that it can be used by a common man. It saves you a lot of time and energy and mainly it helps for working woman who does not have enough time to wash .I also prefer this for another reason as it consumes less water and perform washing accurately.

Thanks for reading this Review.