Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he also grew together with his younger brothers. All their parents emigrated to the U.S from Poland in the course of the turbulent 1960s. This unique background has made it easy for Gottlieb to see himself as a provider of global solutions. He works well with people from all walks of life. The Association for Investment Management and Research awarded him his chartered financial analyst charter in 2001 as recognition of his competence and success in the field. Gottlieb also graduated from Brown University with a bachelor of arts in economics and later from the New York University Medical School with a doctorate of medicine degree.

In 2005, this astute hedge fund manager founded Visium Asset Management, a move that has seen him rise to fame over time. Before Gottlieb established this company, he helped to found and manage other successful organizations, but it is the success of Visium and the outcome of the recent investigation on a crime that was committed in the company that has vindicated him as an honest, respectable, and visionary leader.

The investigation provides that the company’s CIO, Jacob Gottlieb, was a victim in the case. He was accused to have broken federal regulations together with his employees, but the government exonerated him in early May 2018. Unfortunately, he lost a lot as a result of the investigation. Gottlieb was investing in the global fund directly, famously seeding the company with 50 million U.S dollars as well as generating returns of more than 20 percent for ten years. After a difficult experience trying to save the company, Gottlieb has spent a significant part of two years liquidating the funds. In the meantime, his partners have moved on. Credible reports indicate that the judicious manager has started investing his personal capital. When the CIO was undergoing the harrowing ordeal, he was not returning calls or emails. However, today things have changed for the better as he has started speaking with investors.

The actions of a few Visium’s employees were actually the cause of the firm’s fall. As has now been confirmed by SEC, these deceitful individuals ignore federal regulations to cheat the system and make money illegally. Competing firms that were recruiting Visium employees such as Aptigon have realized their mistake, and many of the employees have suffered from layoffs as they are unable to register professional success in these firms. Their past haunts them. Unfortunately, even innocent employees have been adversely affected.

For Gottlieb, not everything is lost though. He has a wealth of experience in medical investment and intends to use it to cement his position as a seasoned investor. In 1998, he started out as a buy-side analyst covering global healthcare with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. and then left the firm after several years to advance his career at Merlin Biomed Group as a healthcare portfolio manager. When his tenure at Merlin ended, he shifted his focus to asset management. Gottlieb’s medical mind in investment as well as his managerial skills and expertise are playing a major role in his new venture.

As the seasoned investment manager’s time as Visium Asset Management CIO winds up, he prepares to shift his focus to his next venture as CEO of Altium, a healthcare investment firm that he founded in early 2018. In his next assignment, Gottlieb will specialize in supporting small growth companies within the medical fraternity. Given his medical background, leadership experience, and the positive publicity he is currently enjoying as the result of the outcome of the recent investigation, Gottlieb is likely going to succeed in his new venture and be the source of inspiration for many aspiring managers and investors.