“Answer the call and accept the challenge”

Call for Code is a global initiative launched by David Clark Cause and its partners have been devoted by IBM for 5 years. Along with Founding Partner IBM, David Clark Cause launched Call for Code in 2018. This multi-year global initiative is a battle cry for developers to use their expertise and master the emerging technologies to create digital transformation around the globe.

The objective of the Campaign:

The world we live in faces two serious issues i.e COVID-19 and natural disasters as a part of climate change. The call for code campaign addresses these two serious issues and is trying to bring awareness among the people with the help of developers and problem solvers throughout the world.

During the history of the call for code campaign, it had created impactful and sustainable solutions to solve the world’s natural disaster problems. Top-rated solutions are deployed to overcome the effect of natural disasters and help people to overcome their effect, to lead a happy life.

Call for Code is calling out the developers across the world to bring out their talent to build solutions that seize the impact of the COVID-19 and effectively tackle the serious issues such as crisis communication, remote education and community collaboration. 

COVID-19: A Pandemic disease

Covid-19 is an infectious and life-threatening disease caused by the newly discovered coronavirus. It is a transmittable disease and can spread by touching the contaminated surfaces. As a precautionary measure, you need to wear masks, hand gloves and avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth. 

 Why should developers participate in this campaign and how society gets benefitted?

Some drastic explosions of uncertainties will affect millions of lives in the world. So it’s a very challenging task for the developers to show their love for the nation with their expertise and build solutions that can save the lives of many.

It is a great opportunity to solve the world’s largest issue that everyone is scared of. You can take advantage of the #IBM cloud technology to create your own solutions that can seize the impact of the #COVID-19.

It’s a very vital time for everyone, especially for the #developers to participate in the #CallForCode and contribute their ideas to build solutions to fight against the COVID-19.

With COVID-19’s unparalleled influence, we need to help countries across the globe to overcome the greatest economic crisis that has impacted and destroyed the entire economy.  

#CallForCode encourages developers to turn their passion into something meaningful and help society by building unique solutions to overcome this problem.

The innovative solutions deployed in the real environment could certainly help millions of people.

Sub Categories of the campaign:


  • Crisis Communication
  • Remote Education
  • Community Cooperation

Climate Change

  • Water Sustainability
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Disaster Resiliency

How Developers can participate and contribute to this initiative?

To participate in the Call For Code campaign you need to go through the four-step process.

Accept the challenge:

Open the call for the code official website,  accept the challenge you will come to know the competition details, prizes you can win, and start coding by creating a free IBM Cloud account.

Build with open technology:

Dig deep into the technical content like analyzing the code patterns, how to create expert videos and tutorials for your idea to be implemented. It’s just figuring out what you can do with the idea you proposed.

Find your Squad:

You need to start finding your teammates, meet experts, also ask questions, share your thoughts and pick the best teammates from the online IBM online forums community. You can form a team of five members to find the solution for the challenge.

Submit your idea:

Tell us what you had built and what technologies you used to stretch out your idea into reality.  The team leader can only submit the solution and he will receive the updates regarding the submitted solution.  We can have a chance to win $2,00,000 if your solution gets selected. The last submission date for your solution is July 31, 2020.

IBM technologies that developers can use:

You can adapt some of the latest IBM technologies to build your solutions. You can directly use them in your project to deliver qualitative and quantifiable results for the pandemic challenges.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Data Science
  • Traffic and Weather
  • Internet Of Things

Participation Rules for the Campaign:

  • You need to form a team of 5 members and only the team leader can submit the solution.
  • You need to submit your solution by April 27.
  • Top 3 solutions are announced at IBM Think on May 5, 2020.
  • Top solution deployment begins on May 15, 2020
  • July 31, 2020, is the final submission deadline.

The winners are announced in October and awarded with $2,00,000 cash prize and support from LINUX foundation.  Your solution will be deployed into the real world with potential investors in the global market.

Take an initiative to #answerthecall and save the world through the Call For Code Campaign.