It sometimes happens to all of us: when long and intensive work on an important document is completed, we somehow forget to save the file. Or you clean up your desktop and delete accidentally a folder that contained vital information: monthly processing report, financial statements or technical drawings. And, unfortunately, you realize your mistake only after the Recycle Bin has been emptied. Sounds like a nightmare, isn’t it?

Yes, it is annoying, because this data loss may result in economic losses. That is why, it is necessary to consider about the data protection, but even if you have already lost something, there is a chance to get it right and recover data from iMac hard drive with Disk Drill.

data recovery

Disk Drill Functions For Data Loss Prevention

This software can perform not only MacBook Air data recovery, it also helps to avoid data loss in the future by means of Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery. Due to these features, it is much easier to find lost data and launch iMac data recovery. Although Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery have similar purposes, they are different in many ways and not everyone fully understands the distinctions between them.

data recovery

Recovery Vault

RV enables users to protect files on a drive by saving some properties. It means when a file is deleted, its filename, location is still available for detection. Using Recovery Vault you can quickly scan, identify lost files and perform iMac hard drive data recovery. Pay attention to the fact, that it does not require additional space on a device because this background service just monitors a drive and saves only the metadata. However, it does not guarantee the complete MacBook Air hard drive recovery, as some lost parts of the deleted file can be overwritten.

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Guaranteed Recovery

This service, as its name suggests, can do more than the first function can. It is another way to avoid unintended deleting data: this feature saves the backup copies of the files removed to the Recycle Bin. Guaranteed Recovery focuses on the specified folder (Trash folder or another one) and allows you to perform MacBook Air hard drive data recovery even if the Trash Bin is empty. It also works in the background and it is clear that it requires more free space on the drive to save backup copies. The amount of this backup storage can be specified by a user.

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Disk Drill Additional Tools

In most cases, it is recommended to turn on both Guaranteed Recovery and Recovery Vault when using Disk Drill, however, a user can choose one function to recover deleted files on MacBook Air. For users’ convenience, both services offer Advanced Options. They are enabled to reset a storage, choose the folders for monitoring and fix the time the copies are being saved. With a wide set of options Disk Drill has become one of the most popular iMac data recovery tools.