Instagram at present serves as the incredible free platform to build a brand or to accelerate the business growth. But the success of your business completely relies on the users. For any business growth, we need user engagements it should be done with the Instagram hashtag generator.

To make your business success using the Instagram hashtag helps to discover new users. By placing the #before the search keyword or term you can find out the new or relevant content to like, engage and comment.

Today hashtags are an excellent way for your brand promotion to engage back with your community of users.

You can add hashtags for your Instagram posts in two ways. One is by adding them to your captions. The second way is to put the hashtags in your Instagram post comment section.

Are you very eager to know how to discover the hashtags for your Instagram posts?

Yeah, here I am going to discuss with you the best tool or services to find out the relevant hashtags based on the keywords.

Bigbangram: Free hashtag generator

In order to make the user engagement rate high, you need to automate your work with hashtags. Bigbangram provides a free and fast tool to grow your brand faster. With bigbangram Instagram hashtag generator, you can find out the relevant hashtags for your photos, keywords in a second.

If you want to use any hashtags then you will be missing more. Using the hashtags will add extra likes to your posts. Only the relevant hashtags bring best results along with the target audience.

With the help of the free Instagram hashtag generator tool, you can easily automate the relevant hashtags for your keywords and photos. By using the best AI technologies, relevant hashtags are generated. The hashtag generator by bigbangram helps to have the new brand fresh tags for all your posts and you can publish them on all your social handles.

It uses new technologies and develops smart algorithms to come up with Instagram hashtags. These smart algorithms automate the work very fast to generate the hashtags.

Bigbangram hashtag generator is very much pretty and simple tool to use.

They are 3 ways to generate hashtags. They are:

1. Write 1 keyword

2. Upload a Photo

3. Add a link to your post.

1. Write 1 keyword;

You need to give 1 keyword which is relevant to your photos or videos. The bigbangram algorithm analyses all the existing Instagram hashtags and select the hashtags relevant to your keyword. You can receive 29 suggestion hashtags for 1 keyword. By this approach, you are not only getting popular hashtags but also narrow down to get in the top publications.

2. Upload a photo:

In order to generate the hashtags, you need to upload the photo which you are going to use in your post. The hashtag generator does the rest of the work to bring out the relevant search hashtags. By analyzing the photo the hashtag generator comes with a list of hashtags accordingly.

Add a Link:

In order to generate the hashtags for the already published Instagram post, you can add your URL link. The generator will automatically draw the list of possible hashtags for the post.

Start using the hashtag generator for 3 days of free trial and gain 2000 likes instantly.

hashtag generator

The best number of hashtags to be used under one post are 10.

Do Not use too many because it might result in spam hashtags. You can easily optimize the hashtags, save them and use for future posts also.

Bigbangram: Instagram direct message

Instagram dm online serves as a great fertilizer for the brand’s growth. By using the Instagram dm online you can easily get through each and every follower. You can send DM to targeted groups at once without missing anyone.

You can enjoy many free services with the DM such as free professional set up, 100 Instagram direct templates and agile sales script.

In order to improve the selling experience and close more deals, Instagram dm online does a lot. With the DM services, your brand sales go into orbit. You can create a more compelling CTA with the Instagram DM online.

With Instagram dm online you are provided with 3 smart targeting options.

  • 1. You can easily send messages to all followers.
  • Attract new followers.
  • Send the custom list of users.

Few benefits you can get through the Instagram dm online, they are:

  • Increase your revenue by 20%.
  • Click through rate of 86%.
  • Nearly 60% of sales are closed through the DM lonely.
  • Most of the Instagram profiles use DM services.

The major reasons to choose the Instagram dm online services are:

  • 1. They save your time by sending 80 to 120 messages in one click. It supports the auto messaging feature as well.
  • 2. You can easily save money as it provides the services at a low price of 9$ a month.
  • 3. Before subscribing you can make sure whether it is working or not by testing it for 3 days for 1$.

With the Bigbangaram DM services, you can take your brand promotion to the next level.


Direct Messaging services for 3 days you need to pay 1$ and for one month 9$ respectively.

Apart from the hashtag generator and Instagram dm online it also comes up with other services such as Instagram promotion bot, comment tracker, posting module, social media management and buy likes, followers, etc.

To be more concise Bignagaram hashtag generator and Instagram dm online helps the Instagram users a lot for getting their brand visibility to a large crowd. They also help to get more target audience based on the hashtags and bulk DM sending to the followers or custom lists.