Traveling is becoming a hobby for many people worldwide, and it can bring a lot of great experiences. Not only that you get to see new places and meet new people, but you can also have a lot of fun during your vacation! But there are things to do to enjoy travel even more and make your trip unforgettable.

We gathered the best tips to consider when you are planning your next vacation or city break to enjoy your time to the highest standards! And because traveling should be fun over all the other aspects, here are the best fun things to do when you are out of town!

1. Try out public transportation to enjoy travel

It might be tempting to get a taxi when you find yourself in a new city rather than try to figure out the streets with your traveling map. But most places will have a developed system of public transportation that you can use. And there are many benefits to trying out public transportation instead of taxis.

First of all, you will get a “vibe” of the new society that you are exploring. You can hear people talking and see what the spirits are like in that particular city.

And you can also enjoy more of the view, especially if you choose the surface public transportation like buses or trams instead of the subway. Not to mention that this is a cheaper option and you can save money to use more enjoyable!

2. Try out new sports and activities

Are you a sportive individual or a very active person? If that is the case, you can check out the local sports facilities that you can enjoy alone or with your friends. Depending on the city that you are visiting, you can try out skiing, snorkeling, or even rock climbing!

If you are visiting a city next to the ocean or sea, you can give scuba diving or snorkel a try! And don’t worry if you are not an expert in such sports. By doing snorkeling which needs only mask you can explore the underwater life.

Most places have instructors that will help you discover the secrets of these activities in a safe and fun way! You will be having a lot of fun as long as you keep an open mind and are not afraid of trying new experiences!

3. Talk to the locals and make new friends

Part of traveling is meeting new people with different traditions and ways of thinking. You will enjoy traveling much more if you blend in with the locals rather than stay with other travelers.

You can make new friends even if you don’t speak the language as nowadays almost everyone speaks English and this can only work to your advantage. Plus, it is also an excellent occasion for you to learn a few words in a different language as well, just for the fun of it!

Ask people for directions or recommendations regarding the best restaurant in town. After all, no one can guide you around better than a local!

4. Get to know the local history and visit historical places

When you travel to a new area, you will face a different history than the one you already know. This is why you should visit historical sites and understand the roots of the culture you are exploring.
Not only you will be having fun, but you will also learn a lot of new things! Most cities have a touristic map that you can use to identify the best places to visit.

And you can also take a city bus tour to enjoy the entire beauty of the city and decide where you want to spend more time according to the guide’s explanations. Historical places are the most popular among travelers, and you don’t want to miss them when you visit a new city!

5. Eat at traditional foods

When it comes to how to enjoy travel, you can’t enjoy it without trying out the local cuisine. Food is part of a country’s culture, and you would be missing out if you kept eating at the international chains of restaurants.

Forget about the fast foods that you are used with and have something different during your vacation! Try to find traditional restaurants instead and order the specialties on the menu.

Not only you will develop your food preferences, but you will also have a lot of fun trying new dishes that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise! And you can always try to prepare them again when you get home, so it is a win-win situation!

6. Take a sea tour or enjoy local shows

Each city has something specific that tourists can enjoy. Maybe you can go for a sea tour and have some fun while you can get a tan as well. Or, if your city is not located next to a sea or an ocean, maybe you can check out the local shows that can make your evenings more entertaining. Joining such tours or local shows is also a great occasion to make friends with locals and find out more about their life and traditions. Exploring a new city is very similar to exploring a new world, and it gives you a variety of opportunities to have fun.

7. Try out Couchsurfing just for the fun of it.

While traveling, you don’t always have to worry to find a hotel. Sometimes, locals will be willing to offer you a comfortable shelter and even share their life with you for a while. And the good news about this is that Couchsurfing is free.

Of course, you can help around the house or contribute in a way or another, but they will not charge you per night as hotels do. There is no better way to experience a new culture and a new country than staying at a local’s house for your vacation.

And you will probably remain good friends after that! However, before actually crashing on someone’s couch you should check their recommendations and past reviews. Just to keep things safe for everyone!


These fun things will help you enjoy your travel more than you thought you would! And if you didn’t make a hobby out of this traveling yet, you will become addicted to it very soon. When it comes to ways to enjoy travel, each person tends to develop their style. But these things will be useful for every type of traveler considering that they add a lot of fun to the trip.