Grocery stores have exploded with the number of items they have on their shelves. There are 40,000 more items than there were in the 90s. With the increase in products, the competition for consumer attention is at an all-time high. 

One way to have your product succeed is to have an eye-catching food label design. Use these ideas to make your products stand out on the shelf. 

Know Your Audience 

You should already know who your intended buyer is. So take that profile and determine what they find most appealing or attractive. Now create packaging with their tastes in mind. 

By doing this, your package will catch their eye more than other items on the shelf. Your intended consumers are more likely to complete a purchase too. 

Research the Competition 

One way to stand out is to do something different from everyone else. You can’t do this if you don’t know what your competition is doing. So before you start designing your packaging, research what your competition’s packaging looks like. 

Take note of the elements that every competition has in common; there may be a good reason for it. For instance, maybe all of your competitors know that a particular style of box appeals most to shoppers. This can be seen in the international section of the grocery store. 

Manufacturers will use the colors of the flag of the country where the product comes from. You’ll see red, white, and green on Italian products. Or yellow is a prominent color on Mexican products. 

Feature the Food 

Consider creating a package design that has a clear section. This lets shoppers actually see the food. This is more effective than a picture of the food on the box. 

You need to make sure that the food is attractive. Otherwise, you’ll turn consumers off to your product. 

Highlight Special Features

What are the unique selling points of your product? Is there a feature that you know consumers specifically look for? These are things you need to place in a prominent place on your packaging. 

For example, jar labels for jams and jelly products will prominently say “seeded” or “seedless” because this is a quality that people specifically look for. If you don’t state which one your product is, people are less likely to buy it out of fear that it’s the style they don’t like. 

Other unique features to highlight is if your product is sugar-free, gluten-free, or fat-free. 

Have a Successful Food Label Design

By following these tips, you should be able to create a food label design that is sure to capture the attention of shoppers. To really make your product stand out, it is about more than just your package design, though. 

You also need to have your product placed on the shelf in the right place. With the right package and the correct placement, you’ll start to see your product sales increase. 

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