To be a successful IT professional you must be very intellectual in selecting the right path for your career. You need to choose the best option to get trained officially in any of the IT courses. The Koenig Solutions is a very and systematic approach for all the IT professional to get certified in any of the IT courses. It provides a wonderful catalog for the IT training.

The Koenig solutions is a very good specialist in providing all the IT courses training and certification as well. By considering the global customer’s requirements it follows the new training methods and models to cater their services. It had more than 350 certified trainers in different IT courses. It’s the very good training institute on the IT courses with various partners and clients.

It provides training and certifications on the ITIL Foundation Courses, Oracle Database Administration and the courses on the EC ethical hacking courses, it also handles various projects and the provides the tourist attractions nearby.

ITIL Certification Courses

The IT Infrastructure Library(ITIL) is a modular approach and a widely spread infrastructure to deal with all it services globally. The ITIL foundation certification is a very good approach to understand how the private and public sectors organize their It services. ITIL training demonstrates the value of the IT resources in business areas, documentation process and in managing the IT services(ITMS).

The ITIL certification enables you to depicts the ups and down in any business and move on to the safe side to achieve business goals. The ITIL 2011 foundation helps to organize a close relationship between the business goals and the IT processes. The ITIL training and certification is a good prerequisite for all the IT officials such as IT Managers, System Analyst, Operation Managers, Oracle administrator’s, and quality analyst.

The ITIL certification courses help every individual to know about the risks and procedures involved in reaching out the project success.

EC-Council Certification Courses

The Koenig solutions offer a wide range of EC council certification courses for their clients and the IT professionals. The EC council is very good at providing ethical hacking courses in the industry. It provides the EC council certifications on the ESCA, penetration testing and the CHFI to help the IT experts from security related issues. There a plenty of EC council certifications at the Koenig and EC council training are in such as a way that, it’s an easy way to gain stuff on the ethical hacking.

The training enables you to become an expert as the forensic investigator, certified ethical hacker and the expert in the advanced network defense too. The courses for the ethical hacker are in giving a specialized training in the ENSA, CEH Beginners, computer hacking forensic investigator, EC-Council disaster recovery professional and much more.

Ethical Hacking Courses

At Koenig solutions, the training on the ethical hacking makes one become an expert as the certified ethical hacker. The ethical hacking training enables it professional as the penetration tester and ethical hacker too. The ethical hacking course at the Koenig solutions gives a huge knowledge about the vulnerabilities and the network infrastructure so as to make secure from the illegal hackers.

The CEH certification had become a mandatory to the increasing demands of the IT professionals to safeguard the network from the illegal attacks. It’s easy to detect the hacker by the certified ethical hacker because he thinks the same way the hacker does and implements the EC council certification to test the networks and computer systems.
The ethical hacking training makes every student to gain knowledge about hacking and to secure their own system from the hackers. One can get know on how to secure the networks from the severe attacks by the hacker with the tools and the testing techniques stated in the ethical hacking training sessions.

The EC council certified ethical hacker certification at the Koenig solutions makes very one to get awareness about the risks and attacks on the networks, privileges too. This course is mainly beneficial for the security professionals, IT professionals, auditors, system administrators and the to the people who are connected in maintaining the network infrastructure.


The Koenig solutions training and certifications benefit the people a lot. If you are the IT professional and needed to maintain the business structure, this is a good option to get more knowledge on the IT courses and their certifications on the ITIL, EC council certifications etc.