Which e-cigarette should I choose?

If you browse the Internet to buy an e-cigarette, you will end up on numerous websites, which all claim to deliver the best e-cigs. Seems all very simple, but with such a wide variety of offers, you will notice that choosing the best vaporiser is a quite challenging task.

Vaporisers are available in many shapes and sizes. In this article, you will learn about the most essential characteristics of different types of them. It is important to know that the taste of an e-cigarette depends on the e-liquid you use.

What is the Vape Pen?

A Vaporiser (also called a Vape pen) is a tool often used by people who want to quit tobacco smoking. It vaporizes the e-liquid, which can, but doesn’t have to contain nicotine. E-smoking has many significant advantages. Thanks to vaping, you save a lot of money, and your health immediately improves. No more nasty cigarette smells and no yellow teeth. An excellent way to start vaping is to look for the best pod mods in shops around you and because they are great for new-comers to the vaping world. Of course, you can also search online for the best RDA, best vape tanks clearomizer, etc. and then build them by yourself. However, keep it in mind that it only looks easy on youtube videos.

Different models of e-cigarettes

To buy the best possible e-cigarette, you must, first, know which types and models are available on the market. Here is a brief explanation of the kinds of e-cigs models, so that you can look directly at your preference.

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Simple MTL

As the title suggests, MTL is an electric cigarette that is easy to operate. No specialised knowledge is needed to use it. Maintenance, refilling and charging are also straightforward. This type of e-cig is recommended for people who want to start vaping.

POD electric cigarette

POD is a small and handy model. Although these e-cigarettes are easy to operate and maintain, they are not suitable for every person. Why? Because they often have a low battery capacity. So, an average smoker won’t have enough battery to get through a whole day. POD models are commonly purchased because they are easy to carry.

DL vaporisers

Direct Lung, directly to the lungs inhale. Intended for heavy smokers. They are bought to get more vapour or smoke. Not recommended for novices.

AIO (All in One)

All in one. Easy to use electronic cigarettes, often available as vape pens where clearomizer and battery form one whole. These models often give just a little more vapour than regular models and are safer to use because there are no battery setting possibilities. The incorrect setting is, therefore, not possible.

MOD / Boxmod

These are usually more complicated devices with various setting options. There are boxmods with and without an internal battery, so pay attention to whether a battery may be needed to use. This type of vaporiser is not recommended for novices.

Cartridge electronic cigarette

Small, slim and similar to cigarette-like models, where you don’t have to fill bottles of e-liquid yourself. If you use them, you should occasionally replace the cartridges or cartomizers.

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Buying electronic cigarettes – What you should NOT do

If you are a novice vaper and want to buy an electric cigarette, there are some things worth mentioning that you shouldn’t definitely do. Below is a list of matters that you shouldn’t do if you want to buy an e-cigarette.

Never buy an e-cigarette only because you like how it looks

An e-cigarette with beautiful screens and displays is often too complicated for beginners to use effectively. Also, do not blind yourself with the advice of your friends, acquaintances or family members. Of course, listening can’t hurt, but make your own choice based on your own research.

Do not order a complicated e-cigarette

Make sure you purchase an e-cigarette that you can fill and set yourself. After all, you want to stop smoking yourself.

NEVER believe that vaporisers are just as bad as smoking

The media are jam-packed with negative publicity about vaping. Nonsense! The e-liquid contains only nicotine. An addictive but harmless substance. Always compare this with a regular cigarette, which is proven deadly. Do not worry about negative reactions from your environment. You are doing well. Remember that. You are on the right track to quit smoking.

Which e-cigarette or vaporiser should I choose?

Most beginner vapers now opt for an All in One vaporizer models. It is an excellent choice because they’re leak-proof and very easy to maintain & use. You can also purchase all parts of your e-cig by yourself and then put them together. This gives you more alternatives when it comes to choosing the battery, the wattage/voltage and the clearomizer.

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What an E-liquid is and how to choose it?

E-liquids are available in different flavours and different nicotine levels so that you can adjust the need for nicotine to your own use and preferences. When you first start to vape, you can take a higher nicotine level and then lower it over time to finally quit smoking. This is the best way to get out of your nicotine addiction! What is more, there are diverse, delicious e-liquid flavours available on the market. You can easily buy an e-liquid that tastes like a pineapple, cappuccino or chocolate.


Currently, there are many different types of electronic cigarette models. If you are an amateur vaper, we hope that the above information will help you to choose your first device.

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