Distinction between Open Systems and Closed Systems

The Vaping Industry is getting bigger every day and in the next five years, it’s expected to reach heights. This clearly means that Vaping as a cult is getting embedded in the world and millions of people are big fans of vaping. There are Vaping enthusiasts who understand all the technical intricacies of the mods and e-juices. There are different technologies of vaping and it’s really hard to choose from them. So one should begin with the basics; i.e. the fundamentals.

The Two Systems

Before you start Vaping, there is a lot to learn about Vapes. In order to determine your level of comfort, you will have to know about technology, e-flavours, mixtures etc. But first, you need to pinpoint the major difference. There is a binary in the vaping technologies, one is the Open System and the other is the Closed System. These two determine two different kinds of vaping experiences that one gets. You can find amazing vape deals online for both systems but first, read reviews to find the best vape tanks clearomizer for your system, especially when you are looking for the best cbd e-liquid oils, because they require higher temperatures than nicotine-only liquids, like salt nic juice. Disposable vape pens are a great idea when you are on a budget.

The Open System

The key feature of the Open System is that one can refill them. It is convenient as it has interchangeable parts. The e-liquid can be filled manually. It also has a removable mouthpiece. So basically it’s divided into three parts, the mouthpiece, the tank and the e-cigarette battery. It is usually preferred by people who use bulky mods.

Details of the parts:

1.Tank and coil

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The Tank contains the e-liquids. The presence of a tank in an open system makes it versatile. One can easily change the flavour, the mixture of e-juice and control the levels of nicotine. The coil is the one that heats up the e-liquid and disperses it into vapours. Combination of the two is the core of the process. This is not the end, there is a variety of tanks as well.

  • Atomizers are tanks small in size and that’s why they need repeated refills. They use mesh to heat and for the record, mesh burns very quickly.
  • Cartomizers have a better capacity of retaining the e-liquid for more time. They are disposable and use silica or cotton wicks.
  • Clearomizer is the latest form of a tank and has become very popular. It is a most lasting one and the wick works super effectively.
  1. Battery  

The batteries of the open system vapes can have variable voltage or a constant one. Its functionality is highly dependent on tanks. There is a close link between refill frequency and the strength of the battery. Stronger the battery more will be the consumption of the e-juice. Batteries can be charged with a USB cable, the time taken to recharge is also dependent on the battery strength and the adapter.

  1. Mouthpiece

A mouthpiece is a simple object that can be easily detached in the open system and washed conveniently.


  1. Variety of Flavors

Open Systems are famous for the options to have different kinds of e-juices. Not only the e-liquid but also the strength of nicotine. It gives a user the authority to control their consumption. Users choose which flavor they want, they also choose what level of nicotine they need. There is an ocean of flavors in the market. Users can choose on the basis of their need. E-liquids are affordable and come in handy in convenient bottles. If you are a smoker looking forward to leave your smoking habit, you ought to start with a heavy nicotine dose. Heavy nicotine because the body needs to adapt to the new device by sensing the familiarity. Small devices won’t be helpful here, you will have to invest in a box mod with a heavy battery.

  1. Customization
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Open systems provide the liberty to customize the vaping device. It is easy to mix and match in them. Different parts from different companies, compatible to each other, can sync together. Adjust the battery and the tank accordingly.

  1. Dense Clouds

Who doesn’t like fat clouds? Open systems give the advantage of having clouds that are fluffy and opaque. They don’t annoy the people around you with the smell and disperse quickly.


The Open System is elaborate. The need to manage different things makes it complex and tedious. The Open System Vapes are bigger than the Closed ones. They do not tend to get lost easily but they are cumbersome. They are not very convenient to carry in pockets and purses. The overall system is not integrated, it’s detachable. If everything is not fixed properly, the device may malfunction. The tank might leak or the mouthpiece may fall!

Closed Systems

Opposite to an Open System, Closed Systems are not refillable. The major components are same as the open system but they are unmovable. Instead of a tank, one gets a cartridge. They are very simple as compared to its counterpart.

Details of the parts:


Pods are a crucial part of the Closed System. They are smaller than the tanks of an Open System. The overall design is similar to an atomizer but is much more versatile in terms of power as well as liquid capacity.

2. Heating Unit

The heating unit is small in a pod vape. It is meant to provide the right amount of heat to the cartridge. The heating unit is intact and the overall process remains simple.


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1. Simple and Disposable

Closed systems are popular because of their simplicity. It is meant for people who do not wish to delve deep into the system and simply wish to enjoy vaping. It saves them from handling the mess of adjoining different parts. They have disposable pods and are small in size.

2. Nicotine Salt

The use of nicotine salt is relevant for the people who smoke. Vaping is opted by those who wish to get rid of tobacco and it’s side effects. The throat hit in the closed system is what attracts people. Not only this, only a couple of puffs are equivalent to smoking a whole cigarette. It’s better because the chemical components are far too less than a traditional cigarette. The strong presence of nicotine allows fellow smokers to adjust to the change.


The pod vapes are so tiny that they easily get lost. It can easily slip off your pocket, that’s why you need to keep an eye on your device. They are handy but not good for heavy nicotine consumers. Also, these devices turn out to be expensive as they are not designed to be refilled. Once they are finished, they do nothing but create plastic waste.

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