As all of you well known that water is the major necessity for each and every living being. Our earth constitutes only 1% of fresh drinking water. So you need to make a proper balance in reducing the wastage as #CuttingPaani is the most precious natural resource available on this earth.

You should be the initiative to start conserve and save water for future. No government or institution or private agency can do that as a single, you should be the one to save water.

In order to save or preserve water for future generation and save the environment from the pollution Livpure has taken an initiative, #CuttingPaani which states and gives importance for preserving the water which we use daily.

The main theme or idea behind the #CuttingPaani is to provide or reduce the water scarcity.  Also aims at utilizing every single drop of water in a useful way.

Water Conservation: Saving the Water and the Earth

If a person needs to sustain his life happily on this earth the first prerequisite is enough water supply. It’s the fundamental natural resource required for all the activities. Due to the vast expansion or increase in the population size, making the availability of water had become a serious issue.

I can say that water conservation is nothing of the thorough use of water gain and gain without wasting a single drop. The basic idea for water conservation is to reuse water gain and gain such as in generating energies.

Nowadays water conservation had started in each and every part of the country. This is to provide purified drinking water as well as to reduce the wastage from the water supply. It is the eco-friendly approach to use less water and utilize it for other needs.

Indeed water conservation also aims at preventing water contamination in the adjacent lakes, watersheds, rivers, and pools etc.

Saves Water Saves Energy

save water

A tremendous amount of water is required to produce the electricity. To keep the thermal power plants with sufficient water is very important to generate the energy which is supplied to the homes or irrigation facilities.

In your daily life you are totally dependent on the water and its energy because without which nothing can happen. For example to heat water, you required the energy. When the climate gets cool you can save the energy as well as lessen the water usage too.

You can try to reduce the usage or wastage of water in your home itself.

You can save energy in the following ways.

  • Heating water at homes utilize more energy, so try to reduce the heating of water in possible cases.
  • Use cold water in washing the clothes or try to avoid using the electric machines in washing the clothes, where energy can be saved.
  • Stop using the shower bath or tub bath so that you can effectively make use of water.

Saving Water Saves Nature

Natural disasters such as drought conditions, storms will be reduced if one uses the water efficiently without any wastage. If you are not serious on this issue there will no sufficient water for your future generations. A lot of food originating from the plants and for the survival of plants, water is the major source of the plants to produce oxygen for survival.

Don’t waste a few drops of water, even if your drinking glass is left with half water, use it for the plants. Do Not use excess water in parties or restaurant make every drop a useful. In beautifying the urban cities and recreation spaces a large quantity of water is required. More amount of fresh and hygienic water is required in parks, swimming pools, fountains and numerous different things.Cutting the wastage of water will help you to keep up the artistry of the city.

What you can do to save water in your daily life?

There are different ways to save water in ones daily life. These quick and positive actions if taken by every individual will definitely conserve, preserve water for next or future generations.

Save water in Kitchen

  • If you are washing your dishes in the kitchen don’t put the water running for rinsing. Turn off if not needed.
  • You need to use the tap which rinses water slowly not fully or fastly.Try to use less detergent for washing of the dishes.
  • Avoid defrosting of the frozen foods under running water. You need to put them out long before you start your preparations.
  • Wash or clean the vegetables in a bowl do not rinse them under the running tap. Use less water in your food preparation which keeps the good nutrient value too.
  • Don’t unnecessarily turn on the tap always make sure the taps are turned off while going out.
  • After having the food don’t waste your half glass completed water, just sprinkle on the plants or use them in an efficient way.
  • Try to educate your child the importance of water and never encourage them to wastage water. You need to take of them as they don’t know the things properly.

Saving water in Bathroom

  • Do not turn on the tap if not required.
  • Do Not misuse the shower water in the case of getting hot water. Collect the cold water in the bucket and use them in watering or gardening the plants.
  • Use the technology by utilizing the resources in an optimized way.
  • Examine the toilets for leaks and rectify them so that water can be saved.
  • Also, try to use the ultra-low volume flush model which uses a very low amount of water for flushing.
  • Upgrade to the technology and utilize the resources so as to reduce the water usage and wastage.

You need to turn off the faucet while brushing the teeth. Many will turn on the faucet and start brushing the teeth where lots of water had gone waste. As a human be initiative for the #CuttingPaani for your future generation.

Saves water while gardening

Today many people find it as a habit of gardening in their daily life. Gardening means maintaining greenery environment around you. Make a sensible use of water while doing that.

  • Try to avoid watering on the windy days or cloudy days.
  • Always it’s the best idea to water in the early morning as it helps in the development of organisms too.
  • If you had a pool try to utilize the water for gardening.
  • Try to clean the car with a few glasses of water and do it on the lawn where it can be used to wet the lawn.
  • Do not encourage your kids to play in the garden.
  • Best way to save water is to raise awareness on water conservation

    As water is the global priority, we use it in daily activities likes drinking, swimming and business purposes. To bring awareness on water conservation among the people you need to go on hand to hand together to save water to every possible extent. We need to conserve or preserve the water for the world we live in, the Earth.

    Building awareness is so simple but hard to bring to the notice of human eye. The thing is that to start to preserve water yourself than waiting for the other to do that.

    Let’s start as an individual in conserving water.

    We need to educate the people about the water and how it is really important for one’s life.The more we educate the more water you can save.  We need to fix every leakage to the drainage system. Wastage of water is turned into powerful environmental issues such as consumer and industrial issues. It’s the choice for the people and the organizations to discover the approaches to decrease the wastage of water and conserve it.

    To save water conserving is the one and reusing is the another. we live in the zone which is ought to be the dry season, utilizing the water twice which will extend this resource further or to future generations.


    Every drop is a count and matters a great because it’s the great resource which needs to be utilized effectively for the next generations. Be cautious and educate your family first, be initiative and educate the others. The initiative by livpure to save water is a good idea to get a purified quality of drinking water for all.

    It creates the positive impact on the lives of the people where you can do the following.

    • You can use the leftover water in a water for gardening or watering the plants.
    • Use it for wetting the floors and surfaces.
    • Store them in a container for later use.
    • Serve it for the pets in a bowl.

    Save water=(Save Energy+Save plants)=Save life on Earth. The #CuttingPaani by the livpure aims everyone to be the initiative to start your journey towards saving water as well as life on this beautiful Earth.

    So, Friends, I suggest you to sign in the petition here to make awareness on water saving.