Ho shut! Suddenly my phone stopped working. What to do? I had the same issues of hangout regularly. Then a simple question arises my mind? Whether to sell it for cash or exchange with some phones.

As I am a good lover of phones I need to #CleanUpCashOut for this Diwali. Generally, people use the OLX to get or sell their old products. I had dropped my mobile in the OLX for sale. I found no one is at least viewing it for buying. Also, the OLX offers me a very low price.

I deleted my phone details from the OLX and went to the mobile world for resolving the issues. He took 500rs for the repair. Now it’s working fine. After a few days again it started working irregular. I now strongly decided to sell it and buy a new one.

We all well know that Google is a major source pool where you can get any information. I had googled for the best app which pays me more and affordable price for my mobile phone. I had come across many of the apps, but to my interest, I decided to use the Cashify app as it is the most trusted one which gives the people a good price depending on the market standards.

If you definitely look for the #CleanUpCashOut for this Diwali then your first choice to sell your old gadgets is by using the Cashify app.

Cashify is an online app which is used for selling all the old electronic gadgets with a good price. It’s a very easy and simple way to sell your old gadgets online by simply sitting at your home. The Cashify app is very neatly designed and also gives the user a pleasant experience while using the app.

The app design was very perfect and the look and feel of the app are very excellent. While navigating through the app one can experience a real and trusted relationship. You can sell your used mobile phone in just 60 seconds. The main advantage of this app is that you need to locate your phone using the app and select the phone in the brands listed in the app. You need to give all the fields required for selling your mobile.

The price range depends on the market price as well the condition of the phone. You need to clearly mention the status of the phone so that, you can get a good price. Once you had filed all the details, you can see the amount of the phone which you had put for selling. If you are ok with that price range click sell button.

Once you had created your profile for selling the gadgets, they will approach your doorstep and collect the phone, instant payments are done using the bank accounts or Paytm transfer. Moreover, you no need to worry about the money, as this Cashify app is a trusted one and pay you definitely without any delay.

Simple Figure to show how Cashify works:


No doubt you can get an unbelievable amount for the old stuff. By using the CLEANCASH coupon codes you can also earn 250rs free and this offers also benefits the readers who joins using your referral code. You can also earn 150rs free for referring any of your friends. If your referred friend sell their old gadgets, you will get 150 rs free.

The anti-theft option in the Cashify app helps to activate your mobile and track it. This app not only helps you to sell the old stuff but also offers a good price with many features for future earnings also. No doubt if you sell your electronics from this app you will definitely be benefitted as it set the price range depending on the market value and your phone condition.

In general, I found no such a genuine app which sets the price depending on the market price. Everyone tries to loot #CleanUpCashOut in every possible way. Also, use the CLEANCASH coupon code to earn 250RS free.