It is well known fact that in our life we come across several relationships. The bond of attachment with the family members is quit different from the friendship. Friendship is a relationship or mutual understanding between two or more persons. It is special bond or love where you can share your opinions freely without any hesitation. A good friendship will help you to make joy and fill your life with happiness.

Having a good friend depends upon your concern. In friendship there is no matter of taking its always about giving. True friendship adds good things in your life by removing the odd situations. There no limit or estimates of which type of people were friends, it simply based on some common characters in their life such as interests in same things, or from same background position. This means that friendships mainly occur between the people of same demographics.

As I am good affectionate and well bonded person I had maintained several friends. I totally trust all my friends and very loyal to them. In Spite of many friends I had one buddy whom I liked a lot and had care for each other. We respect each other and share our goods and bads in our life. He is my engineering class mate. Though I had many friends I showed great interest on him because of same kind of attitude and behaviour. We both together enjoyed a lot in the campus and always remind infront in case of any extra curricular activities. We both used to do combined studies.

yaaron ki Baraath

We had done several funny things which should entertain our friends as well as the lecturer. We both of them used to suggest one another in case of any problems that arises and solve them easily by being together.Though each and every day was special we usually gift each one another on the friendship day in the remembrance of our cute and best friendship I had ever seen in my life.

As the life going smoothly and it’s the time to attend the campus drives. I was little frustrated and feared to attend the drives. My friend stood in front and supported and encouraged me a lot to attend the drive. He said that you are very intelligent and had enough stuff to pass the interview. So go ahead without any confusion in your mind then you will definitely win the job . I attended the drive and cleared all my rounds. On the next day of my interview I had got a call that I had been selected in the interview and please carry documents for further processing. I was really shocked and amazed for a few seconds and called to my friend to inform about this. He said that I know you will definitely select but you need to overcome your fear.

Once It happened for both of us to organize an event in the college. It was the event to be organized by the other department, suddenly they need to left to the other place. On body in the college should take it as the responsibility to organize. We both of them voluntarily took participation in organizing the event and had made it successful. We were appreciated a lot for the thing we did. We both of them always be together to solve any problem that arises in college or friends etc.

yaaron ki Baraath

As a good friend of mine I always be loyal and trust him in any kind any situation. We are kind hearted people and used to serve the poor people who are sitting on the road sides and temples. In each and every aspect of our lives we always be together to participate and involve in the work. I think my friend is more precious gift that god had given me in my lifetime. We loved to celebrate the friendship best and precious day in our friendship.

As a true and lovable friend I usually finds very interest in watching the tv on cute relationships in our lives. I had came across the show Yaaron Ki Baraat on ZEE TV which is organised by the ritesh and sajid on the bollywood stars friendship and founds very interesting, joyful and happiness on watching it. Through this show Yaaron ki Baarat we can come to know about the fact that even the Bollywood stars or the Hollywood stars friendship is a need. Bollywood stars in spite of their tough times they were very interested in attending this program and show their friendship, care and love for the co-stars. This show entertains viewers as well as the participants in the show by bringing some humorous, funny and joyful events .

Yaroon Ki Baraat show will presents the viewers and the celebrities with some cute scenes from their films they work. This makes to put a smile and joy on their faces too. It clearly shows show the bollywood stars action goes on and the friendship for the co-partners. The bollywood celebrities will maintain friendship with each and every co-partner working in their films.

Yaroon Ki baraat show is the best show to bring to the notice of the people about the bollywood stars friendship and trust. They were very clear that a good friend is the best success in their life.

So having a precious friend like a diamond is must for every one life to be successful.