The bottlenecks of the internet are surely easing up. Netizens browse gigabytes of data on a daily basis. Watching videos is what consumes most of their time and data. As a content creator or a marketer, you need to start focusing on creating quality videos.

Your videos should be attractive enough to drive traffic. In addition, it should have the selling quotient, if you want to make earnings. For these purposes, you need top-end software to work on post-production of videos.

Top-quality videos created from high-end software find their place in education, entertainment, finance, politics, etc… In addition, online courses and conferences are available mostly in video format.

Camtasia 2020

Camtasia is an amazing program that helps you in working with videos. It’s 3-1 software that helps with screen recording, video recording and video editing. This software works in both windows and mac systems.

It can be used to make video tutorials, explainer videos, how-to videos, promotional content, demos and more. Through recording option, you can record an entire Zoom meeting or a webinar. Even better, you can record your screen along with the screen sound.

This multi-purpose screen recording plus video editing tool is the Swiss army knife of video editors. In this post, we review the new Camtasia Studio in depth and detail.

Newest features

  • Pre-built video templates

It encourages beginners to start creating content. For instance, when working with the webinar recording, simply place it in the timeline. Then you have readymade intros, logos, title, etc… Create content quick and easy with this brilliant feature.

  • Sharing video templates

If you often create videos individually or as a group, create your own templates. These templates can be shared with your team members. When working with a heterogeneous team, it helps quite a bit. You have sharable content for peers who are not creative. You can find these templates ready to go in a few clicks.

  • Magnetic tracks

Magnetic tracks help automatically sticking content after removing all the gaps. When you hit that magnet sign, all the content in a track comes together. As long as you are working with a single track, this feature works just fine. But there may be syncing issues when working with multiple tracks.

  • Favourites

It allows you to bookmark behaviours you use often. Simply by clicking the star button, you find them in the favourites menu. With no need to constantly search for this behaviour and effects, it is a real time saver. Users are pretty delighted to finally have this feature in Camtasia.

  • Presets

You can template your preferred animations and elements with Presets. You have to create them once and then save it. You can always use it later and avoid wasting time recreating it. It’s much more improved and convenient than before.

  • Camtasia packages

You can share projects with other team members. You can give them access to recordings, libraries, shortcuts, favourites and more. It enables them to get up to speed and finish the projects ASAP. Moreover, you can keep everything in one place.

  • Track Mattes

Track Mattes does things in one move, which would have taken a dozen steps in Camtasia 9. With a couple of clicks, you can get advanced effects now. You can place videos within the text, crop footages in various shapes and do a whole lot more. It is by far the best feature in Camtasia 2020.

  • Improved recorder settings

With the all-new Camtasia, you get more options in the recorder settings. When using your cam, you can opt for resolutions of up to 1080p. Simply put, you can make the most use of your webcam. Multiple recording options can work in conjunction with each other.

  • Ripple insert

Along with Ripple Move, it helps squeeze in. various portions of content on the timeline. You can do it without moving other elements around. It is really convenient and feels like a lifesaver in the long run.

  • Widened grab area

With the widened grab area, you can trim content with the utmost ease. Doing it in the past was messy and even intimidating. It’s definitely a welcome change from a two-decade-old team of developers.

The transition from Camtasia 2019

When the news of Camtasia 2020 getting released in April got out, it excited tons of Camtasia users. They have been stuck with the previous version for quite a while. Nevertheless, the transition between the versions was not as smooth as one would expect.

Firstly, when you download and install the latest version, the older Camtasia still sits on your system. Secondly, you need to convert your Camtasia 2019 projects before importing it to the newer version.

Thirdly, you can’t work on Camtasia 2020 projects in older versions of Camtasia. When you are working with others who have older versions, this can be an issue. Finally, you need to import older library items and import them manually in the newer version.

In addition, you may be required to make some adjustments to those templates again. These are the drawbacks you should address before switching allegiances and making that purchase.

Final Verdict

Investing in the new and improved Camtasia Studio should be a preference based decision. This is software for users who create regular content or do freelancing on the internet. In other words, it is for the people who make premium content and generate revenue out of it.

For basic videos and animations, we suggest opting for other inexpensive options. If budget is an issue, investing such a huge sum on your video editing software is not a smart choice.

On the positive side, Camtasia is beginner-friendly and takes very little time getting used to. It doesn’t require you to learn coding or programming. Aspiring teams can launch themselves into any sort of video marketing. The ability to create top-notch videos takes a bit of learning and patience.

Camtasia has the potential to dominate all video sharing platforms and learning networks on the internet. It justifies the hefty price tag with the sheer number of features on offer.

Bottom line: At this price point, Camtasia Studio is worth every penny spent.