The Call For Code Global initiative is created by David Clark Clause with the founding partner IBM, and in partnership with Linux Foundation and United Nations Human Rights. Call For Code is the largest tech solution to overcome the global challenges that we are facing today.

As an initiative to address those challenges David Clark launched the Call For Code campaign in 2018. This year’s focus is to create open-source solutions that make an immediate and lasting impact with the advent of emerging technologies.

The objective of the Campaign:

At present, the society we live in is induced by two serious issues such as COVID19 and natural disasters that occur as a part of uncertainties. With the help of this global initiative, i.e Call For Code campaign the developers across the world can tackle these issues, by bringing out their expertise with some unique and society benefited solutions.

Over the last two years, the #CallForCode campaign has helped to create everlasting solutions to solve the world’s natural disaster problems. The top-rated solutions were deployed to overcome the consequences of those natural disasters.

The main focus of this year’s campaign is to reach out to developers to build solutions that can halt and reverse the impact of issues like the current pandemic COVID19 and climate changes and manage them effectively.

Why developers should participate:

The biggest challenge of our time is climate change and we are at a critical moment as it has the potential to affect every human, every industry, and every living organism on the planet.

The impacts of climate change are global in nature and unparalleled in scale, from changing weather patterns that threaten food production, to increasing sea levels that raise the risk of devastating floods. Without effective steps now, it would be more difficult and expensive to adapt to such impacts in the future.

So it is very important that we as developers come out and help to create solutions that can reduce the impact of such climate changes. 

The adoption of the technology will reverse the trends and help communities to address the impact tangibly.

Key areas where help is needed:

The major areas where help is needed are:

  1. Water Sustainability
  2. Energy Sustainability
  3. Disaster Resiliency

Participation Rules for the Campaign:

  1. Submissions for the solution must use IBM Cloud Services, sponsor or affiliate APIs, and also open-source libraries are also encouraged.
  2. Form a team of 5 members, each with at least 18 years of age and above.
  3. The same participant cannot be a part of multiple teams in the campaign.
  4. All the team members should accept the 2020 participation agreement at the time of submitting their idea.
  5. Applications must be new and built especially for the 2020 competition.
  6. Winning teams will be subject to the code review after closing all the submissions.

Prizes you can Win:

For the global challenge, winners will be announced in October and all the winners will receive an invitation for the Call For Code Global Award Announcement and support from the Linux Foundation. All the selected or winning solutions will be deployed into the real world with some potential investors in the market.

  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive an amount of $2,00,000, the solution is implemented through code and response, grab the opportunity for mentorship, and investment in the solution.
  • The first and second runner up will receive USD 25,000 and for the third, fourth runner up, an amount of $10,000 will be awarded.

My thoughts on the Campaign:

Since the inception of the call for code campaign, I am a part of it. What I liked the most is that, through this campaign, #developers are encouraged to bring out their talent for creating everlasting solutions to help the people in need.

Every year #IBM helps the society as well as developers with their cloud platform and AI technologies to build and test their solution.

If you are a developer, then start building your idea to fight against climate change.

Take initiative to #answerthecall and save the world from global challenges through the Call For Code Campaign.