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Blogger Outreach 101_ What Is It and How It Can Help You Long Term

Blogger outreach might be quite the confusing concept for some, but one thing remains certain – people love reading things that benefit them. Leveraging on this reality, and having reputable websites spread your beneficial content, can actually get your site ready for long-term growth. Remember, blogger outreach largely depends not just on the partners you make, but the content you create as well. Finding synergy between your reputable partners and relevant content can skyrocket your popularity in your niche.

Blogger Outreach Might Be The Campaign For You

If you want to learn more about just how blogger outreach can help you, you need to first learn that blogger outreach in itself is a combination of efficient blogging and other marketing tools. If you know how to play your cards right, you can put blogging to your advantage as more than 409 people actually view 22.2-billion blogs every month. In fact, 12-million people write blogs through their social networking platforms, and 7-million more are bloggers. Imagine what kind of reach you can have if you get to tap into all these audiences thanks to blogger outreach.

Blogger Outreach 101: Long-Term Opportunities

Perhaps it’s first helpful to learn just what blogger outreach is before attempting to explain its many long-term benefits:

Blogger outreach is essentially how it sounds – you do outreach through bloggers. This means your company will essentially start working with writers, sites, and bloggers with the same audience such as yours. The intention here is that you’re going to build relationships with your audiences courtesy of the bloggers interacting with your brand, services, and products. If a blogger shares their experiences about their blogs to their audience, it’s very likely that their audience will respond to your brand in some way. This kind of outreach works basically with three steps:

  • Bloggers essentially introduce your brand to their audience by interacting with your products and services. Unlike old-school blogging, blogger outreach is good as reputable bloggers themselves do writing for you. Audiences will notice your product because they value the opinion of the blogger.
  • The next stage will hopefully be getting some of their audiences and readers interested in your product. This speeds up the “getting to know” process in marketing and sales.
  • Lastly, the last stage will be gathering readers and audiences to actually try your products and services because they trust the opinion of the blogger.

With this definition in mind, some of you might already think just how such a system can be sustained for long-term use. Before you think that far ahead, here’s how blogger outreach can help set you up for long-term success:

blogger outreach

  • Tapping into bloggers expands your reach exponentially: Making all the effort to get to know your audience will consume a lot of time and resources on your end. Instead of doing all the work, you can actually rely on bloggers and their huge network to do half the work for you. Their targeted reach can potentially be much greater with advertising and PR combined, and you can use this to your advantage by leveraging on bloggers just as much as you leverage on your content.
  • Audiences respect and value the opinion of bloggers, which they can extend to you: A lot of users are fans of particular bloggers because they value and respect their opinion. If you get a blogger to make content about your brand, the blogger’s respect for you can be extended to their audience. If the blogger sees you as trustworthy, then the audiences will have all the reason they need to trust you too.
  • Neutrality and objectivity work like a charm with bloggers: Bloggers are popularly known as the arbiters of the people’s opinion. Unlike corporations, they take a customer-centered approach when it comes to reviewing products and services because they’re the customers. Not only will interacting with bloggers let you get to know your customers much better, but you’re sure to find a medium to provide objective and unbiased assessments of your products.
  • New markets can be opened thanks to bloggers: Bloggers, too, can help your products and services find new homes in new markets. Even if you have a particular niche in mind, blogger outreach can tap into other markets your chosen bloggers cater to – even if it doesn’t relate to your product. This can give you a quick snapshot of what your product will be like if used by another market, or if a new market can actually be a potential source of revenue.
  • Outreach with bloggers can be much cheaper than other campaign methods: There is a multitude of ways you can reach bloggers and ask them to write about your product, and they all have varying costs. They’re also often negotiable, which can help you find better deals that serve both of your needs. This can be potentially cost-saving in the long run, as alongside all the above, your blogger can help boost your reputation without costing too much.

The Takeaway: Blogger Outreach May Be Your Long-Term Solution

Blogger outreach can be a completely new concept to you, or you may have heard of it but haven’t considered it as a viable marketing option. With the above, hopefully, you’re able to see even a glimpse of blogger outreach immense potential of becoming quite the asset to your long-term marketing needs. In fact, as seen above, blogger outreach can help set you up for more opportunities for expansion and growth, provided you maintain proper correspondence to your partners. Of course, always remember to make sure you make proper assessments of your current company goals and resources before adopting a full-blown blogger outreach strategy, so all your needs and wants are sorted out.

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