Pinterest is a picture gallery platform where people post any kind of images. This function makes it a great site to find ideas for cakes and celebrations. The platform is very easy to use and has been gaining ground during the last two years. Just submit Best cake online in Pune on Pinterest and voila. You can also follow users you consider post great content. In this article, we are going through some of the best cake ideas on Pinterest that will definitely blow your mind.

Cotton candy cake

Do you like cotton candy? You must surely visit Pinterest to check out the best cotton candy cake designs there. This type of cake is generally round shaped and has a single tier. It usually includes pink, purple, red, and white layers. There is no text or candle on it.

Cactus cake

This may sound strange but this is the name we’ve chosen to give to this eye-catching confection. It is basically a small round cake glazed with melted caramel. Plus, it is topped with cacti made of peppermint cocoa cake design that only experts can do well.


Cococake is namely an odd design. It has three layers, two of which are white and the other is green. The white layers are flavored with coconut while the green can be flavored with lemon or peppermint; it’s up to you. Cococake has pearls that make it look really cute.

Foot-ball shape brownie (cake)

Dad probably doesn’t play soccer like in his teens. That shouldn’t stop you from reminding him of his soccer passion. Do it with a giant brownie, a football-themed cake. This cake is a green and brown giant brownie. Make the grass with cane syrup and the ground with chocolate biscuits. It includes no text.

Collage cake

On this occasion, we are going to talk about a very simple cake. It’s a tall ice-cream cake with candy inlays. The lower part of the cake is white whilst the top is colorful. Make a coconut, lemon, ice-cream or buttermilk cake with this design.

Unicorn Fondant cake

You will search for this design on Pinterest once you’re done reading the description. You will need a lot of imagination and fruit loops. It’s a small white cake with a cow atop (the cow is the candel). The edges are decorated with candy loops.

DIY Paper Birthday cake box

If you are looking to gift a small cake to a friend, this design is perfect for you. Give Cake Box to anybody indeed, the design has no gender barrier! This dessert is white and pink and comes with white and red candles that tone perfectly with its design. You can make the candles edible if you want.

Textured buttercream painting wedding cake

It’s a beautiful simple three-tiered cake. At a glance, it looks like a mainstream wedding cake but it’s far from it. You can feel its texture is quite different. The cake is white and has a 3D flower decoration. It has neither candles nor text. Feel free to choose the flavor of your preference for this one.