Android Application for Writing and Finding Resume

With the supply for jobs exceeding the demand, competitive finding resume is increasingly becoming the only hope job applicants have to secure lucrative jobs. Whether you are looking for the best sales resume or a top engineering position, you need a competitive resume. But creating one is a challenge not everyone is skilled to overcome.

With the prevalence of smartphones these days, we find the best apps to help us craft resumes. Not only that. We also find better ways to look for employment using apps. In this article, we unfold the best android applications that can help you build a competitive resume.

Benefits of Android Apps for Writing and Finding Resume

The benefits of these apps cannot be over-exaggerated anymore. It’s apparent that many struggles with resume writing skills. They, therefore, fall short of opportunities to land their dream jobs. Writing the best resume requires rare skills.

If you’re using an Android-powered smartphone, you can take advantage of a number of apps in the Google PlayStore. Thy does not help you craft the best resume but also increase your chances of landing a lucrative offer. Some Android apps have a job catalog and can match your skills with vacant positions. You will be able to apply for the jobs instantly without needing the laptop.

Cost-wise, Android applications save you a lot. Usually, you will spend money looking for resume writing specialists whereas the app can help you. However, oftentimes the apps have generic resume writing templates as a guideline to create an attractive resume. Professional resume writers are still relevant for customized resumes.

What are the best Android Apps for Writing Resumes?

Android is home to hundreds of apps. After a careful assessment of finding resume-writing apps, we have handpicked the following 8 applications:

1. Resume App Pro

Want to create the resume and convert it to PDF? This Android app could your best helper. It guides you following a simple process to craft the best sales resume if you are a salesman by heart. Any professional resume can be created using this app. The PDF ensures that your resume never loses its format when distributing your resume.

2. Smart Resume Builder

It is smart as the name says. This app uses 5 simple steps to help you create a great resume. It lets you name your profile, then chooses the sections for your resume. Next, add personalized sections then choose the best format. The last step is to get your resume done.

3. Resume Builder

This Android app provides you the best templates upon which you can build your resume in a few minutes. It also gives you guidelines and tips on how to ace your CV.

4. Pocket Resume

It is indeed a “pocket resume” app. Not only does the app help you craft the best resume but also helps you circulate it. Create your resume anytime and send it anytime. We know that jobs are almost posted every day, and so wasting any more time can disadvantage you.

5. Indeed

Indeed is a popular platform for job seekers. It also has an app on Android that can help you create and update your resume and then search for hundreds of jobs using it. Finding a job using fingertips on your mobile is now easier than ever with the emergence of technology.

6. ZipRecruiter

This app is also useful for job seekers. It matches the best jobs to your resume and sends you notifications so you can apply instantly. Although it is a new platform, it is increasingly becoming popular due to its easy-to-use interface and configurations.

7. LinkedIn App

Who can say he doesn’t know the world’s most popular professional social network? LinkedIn has the Android app that exposes you to multiple job searches. It also helps you create the best resume by following their questionnaire.

8. Top Resume Tips

Instead of following templates, this Android app precisely helps you learn how to write a great resume. Spare some time and read the tips. As you follow the tips, you will eventually become the best writer of competitive resumes.

Wrap up

There are many Android applications than we can mention in this concise guideline. You may make use of these chosen apps and create the best resume right away. Technology gives us more opportunities to create resumes and send them with ease. Gone are the traditional print-methods that require computers. But, there are other Android apps such PrinterShare Mobile Print that also help you print hard-copy of your CV.