Indian is known for its colourful diversity of culture and custom. Different states have their exclusive clothing attire that creates it well-known. Sarees being the national clothing of India, each state has its own design of sarees which makes India famous on the global fashion platform. If seen closely, one will find that sarees from different parts of the nation are distinguished by its weaving quality and fabric texture. While coconut trees, beaches and idly-sambhar are synonymous with south India, sarees of south India also accentuates the south Indian culture and dynamics of each state.

kanijeevaram Sarees

Grace and beauty of South Indian sarees make them stand out in the Indian sarees market. But with constant modernization, women in South India have started testing with their clothing. Kurta styles are also extremely well-known in South Indian, where girls are seen matching different styles and colours of kurta with salwar trousers and dresses. Talking about Indian sarees, kanijeevaram is a type of South Indian sarees that has already won millions of minds and hearts all over the world. Weaved in pure silk and dropped in the bright colour palette, this type of saree is beautified by thread woven styles featuring elements like temples, places, peacock, bird, animals and flowers. The attractiveness and beauty of these sarees make South Indian woman choose these sarees over any designer sarees collection.

Kanchipuram silk sarees

The Kanchipuram silk sarees are also regarded as the best gifts for any wedding or any joyful occasions for the woman of all age groups. The excellent and rich look of this cultural saree offers an elegant feeling to the woman draped in it. Another design of sarees popular in South India is Kasavu. It is a traditional Kerala sarees which are off-white in colour and edged with the beautiful golden border that contributes a complete look to the sarees. Kasavu is a culture that is passed down from one generation to another and is regarded a must-have trousseau in every South Indian bride’s clothing collection. Gold jewellery is regarded auspicious for a South Indian wedding and Kundan jewellery designs are one of the trendiest jewelled collections that have come up in modern times.

Uppada Pattu Sarees

Besides these, there are also many other wonderful South Indian silk sarees such as the colourful Mysore varieties and the fine, light-weight Uppada pattu sarees. They are all woven and designed using certain special techniques which set them apart.

Kerla Kasavu Sarees

There are also many wonderful south cotton sarees but one stands out above all the rest. The wonderful Kerala Kasavu sarees are specially woven on handlooms with pure cotton. This sari is combined with a fantastic blouse which further increases the beauty of the collection.


The designers have made the best clothing for Indian women and also for the bride. These south Indian sarees are highly admired and accepted by Indian and all over the world as they can provide a conventional look in a stylish manner. The embroidering designs with golden thread are basically the most vital element of these collections. These, along with fascinating colour combinations provide amazing looks to the collections.