A Beautiful Yatra to Goa- Make Happy Memories in one’s Life

I Am very much fascinated to visit goa.In time being the hoildays arrived and friends planned 5 days trip to goa.In the last summer we planned for the vacation to goa by a train.The first day of our journey started with lot of cheer and joy.We all booked our train tickets in a single compartment so that we aways be together at all the times.We brought some home made foods which we ate in the train.Our journey started from the secunderabad junction and goes on smoothly and joyfullly untill we reached our destination spot ie goa.In mean while we came across several stations where some passengers arrived and some passengers departed.In our journey to goa we had came across huge forest areas ,hills ,big rocks and waterfalls.The waterfalls are very attractive and are placed between the rocks from very large heights.They look very beautiful and awesome.

The second day of our journey started from hubli,the train halted for an half hour in the station.We all had our breakfast in a good restaurant in the station.By the end of the day we reached goa.We all stayed in park hyatt resort for 3 days.The resort arranged us a cab to travel in goa.We had selected some places and beachs in goa to visit.

Agonda beach:This beach gives one a awesome experience to visit again and again.The sand here is white and very clean.The visit of tourists is more and had a great fun while swimming.The waves comes in the beach makes one so enthusiastic to look.It had a beatiful sunset.I have been swimming for nearly 3 hours.It makes me so lovable.

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Mandrem Beach:
Mandrem Beach is clean and serene beach.It is very calm and excellent beach for visitors to look.It is less crowded no one can disturb you.we can enjoy with your friends a lot.This place makes one to relax.The envirnoment provided here is very beautiful and lovable.

Dudhsagar hills:The hills are very attractive with beautiful waterfalls located between rocks.We all enjoyed a lot at the waterfalls.One who loves nature will find more interest on this.


A famous church ie our lady of immaculate conception church is the first church to be built in goa.we visited here.The interiors of the church is awesome and simple in standards and design.The mary immaculate is very impressive enough here.There are two attractive standings in front of the church one is jesus Crucified on the left and our Lady of Rosary on the right. The church stands good from tourist point of view.

Goa State Museum:
We visited gao state Museum it contains all the old sculptures.It had all ancient belongings ie arts,carvings metals stones and beatiful designs which were curved on stones.We also seen different types coins used in ancient times.All made us to have a awesome experience.

Fort Aguada:
It is a famous tourist spot which belonged to portuguese times. It has fresh water spring which makes us to have a glance .This fort is very large one to look.It had lighting house which make the fort attractive.Many great wall structures are seen here.For the one who loves photography will love better


We all had fun and enjoyed a lot for 3 days in goa.We are served with beautiful dishes in nights.

The resort which we reside is excellent because after coming from long visit of places in goa we return to the resort in evening .In evening it will arrange some activities for us to enjoy.We all returned from goa on the 5th day with beautiful memories and with the best times in our life.I find this yatra to goa is awesome because we all been together these days and did not bother any problems or issues anytime i n our journey.We all together made our yatra to goa as a sweety memory which could not bring back but which can be memorized.