Life is a complexion of challenges, success, failures, miseries etc which comes along with our living life. As we are humans with thinking capacity, need to handle the situations in balanced way. Everyone has their own perspectives, beliefs and desires. Life is uncertain so enjoy every moment to a great extent as possible as you can.

Due to drastic changes in our lifestyle and severe pollution hazards the life span has been decreased to 75. As an educated and well developed human one need to face the challenges in life very positively.

In some circumstances which extend beyond the extreme positions there may be chance of committing suicide. I found quiet impeccable that what made them to such extreme positions. In our society I mainly found its impact on youngsters.Because they get easily indulged in to the society.They were very easily influenced by the social and illegal activities very soon.

In my career I had come across several suicide cases. The tendency of committing suicide for silly issues. For example a girl rejecting a boy, in an worst situations not fulfilling his /her aim, who can’t make a move for studies any more. I had motivated several people from committing suicide by telling about the importance of life. Its very hard to give up for such a small issues. Its not at all a problem if you put stuff to our brain. Every problem has a solution before it ends.One need to wait and look for the solution, in spite of committing the suicide.I educated them about their parents, siblings and dear ones if they took such severe decisions in their life. Your are only the person to take of your family. You’re the only hope for them. I had motivated many people to carry forward their future in spite of putting a stop. Many people had changed their views and lifestyle on my moral support and sayings.

In my life I had across several suicide tendency cases where I took it as a challenge to bring back them as alive. Most of them changed themselves by my speeches and conversations. They all put me great by obeying my suggestions in their life.

I am very much interested in reading novels.Once it happened me to come across the novel named A Story of a Suicide written by Sriram Ayer. It took 2 days to read the novel.

The Story A story of a suicide revolves round the following character named Hari, Sam, Charu and Mani who had strong desire of love, loyalty friendship, relationship, respect, deceit on one another. Their attachments extends beyond the limits. The passion or interest on the internet put into troubles.

Today’s Passion kills one’s life. From the passion point of view some one puts pictures and videos on the internet that abuses others character.Their might raise problems for the fellow beings despite of his passion.Here passion plays a prominent role in deciding or judging ones character or behavior. For example a boy uploaded the videos and pictures of his lover who had rejected his love. It will creates trouble some situations in the girl life. I mean one need to overcome this passion because it should be ours without reflecting to others character.

We also found a girl abused on the internet.She took it has a challenge and wants to know the person who deceits her behavior. This shows her strength and bravery to discover the false person who abuses her on the web.

It is not the physical characters that empowers their love because two boys had a caring relationship between them. They had love and care for each other.

We also come across a gay who wants to end his life abruptly. Because he cannot face the challenges and sufferings of his family members.

I found my character related to Sam character throughout the story who is a good lover, passion on internet, maintaining relationship with friends and family members, well educated, very expressive, fearless, hungry, helping nature and afraid too etc.

I am a good lover as sam who uses high technology to impress others. He does everything to maintain the relationship. He cares a lot for his fellow beings. He took active participation in helping others. He is high educated and spent his vacations in overseas.

His passion enables him to keep the record of his friends on the internet. It will help him to have their sweet memories with them. I too had the passion of browsing the net to capture the images and save them for remembrance in future.

He gets easily attracted by the beautiful girls. He maintain a lovable relationship with everyone in his life. He never cares to give up a girl friend because it doesn’t matters him. He can find the other one He keeps on loving one after the other and gets disappointed upon their refusal. He had it easily going manner.

He had the helpful nature for the victims and and stood first to save them.i found my character resembles here.

He is afraid of his family members for consuming ice creams. Because he had cold problem. He didn’t had it. It shows his respect to the family. I too resemble here.

I am very much fascinated to eat latest foods as sam.

I am very much excited to know about the new things around the society as the sam does

In the story A story of a suicide I found sam character resembles as me.

Here is situation dealt in my life where I had overcome a friend from committing a suicide.

Here I want to narrate a small story of my friend who commits a suicide. We are 4 in members staying in a room.We had stayed together for the past 4 years.We had great respect,belief,love on one another.We used to share everything.Our friendship stood as a powerful as a sword.One of my friend had loved a girl near by our room.His love for the girl was sincere and great.Once it happened for him to express his views on her.The girl disinterestedly gone a way with out any note. My friend thought that he was rejected by the girl. We all observed him for few nights that he had under gone depression and sorrow. He is very little expressive and could not say us that he was rejected by the girl he loved. He used to say all is well and fine.But inside he was under gone depression what we had I noticed. We being the close friends took a step to educate,moral him about the life. Because he goes on thinking for the girl he was rejected.

One fine day without our notice he planned to commit a suicide by hanging to a fan. It was the day my friend going to commit suicide. We all slept, suddenly in the midnight he awoke and tried to hang himself. One of my friend roars like a loin while sleeping. I am disturbed by the roaring of my friend in a deep sleep. I had awaken, by the time I saw my close friend hanging to the fan in next door. I and my friends with little hopes on him untied the rope and had taken him to the near by hospital. We informed their parents about this situation. We all worried a lot about his condition.The doctor examined the patient and told us not to bother about him. He is alright and you had brought him in correct time. In case if you were late to bring him here he may had even died.I had taken a small breathe and got frustrated on my friend for doing this.We all prayed god for his recovery. We all tried to educate him for such a false decision taken by him.It was the wrong step or the path chosen by him. He had forgotten every one in his life by choosing such a step.I had given him the moral support by saying that we all stand for you in any kind of circumstances.You should be open heart and feel free to express your problems.We can think for the solution in spite of letting yourself in to troubles and depression of committing a suicide.

Had ever think of your parents. Your are the only hope for them.They had great expectations on your career.If you are doing such a things who is going to take care of them.Your emotions should be controlled for your fellow beings. One should be very aggressive about their future and think carefully before any thing to be commenced .You should take the life in a positive way by taking correct decisions.You should judge yourself your behavior and character. It should percolate in a safe manner. You must have a pleasing hand for your parents and friends.We must take suggestions and support from parents and friends. We all are free to share your feelings and had given moral support to him. We all tried a lot to get back him to normal position.He himself judged about his character and took it as a challenge to give it up and make life beautiful.

I had made this victim to have clear mind set, so that he will never take such a false decisions any more. Now I am very happy to see him again and in higher position. He is my boss and my the worker in his company.

I end up the story here by saying that life is challenge, face it, don’t ignore it or give up your life for small issues.