In this modern and well developed society one need to very practical in accomplishing their work. The increased technology along with the needs of the people made them to think after better than ever before.This is an apt because most of the youngsters look for a bright future in front.All the people should to be very expressive and fearless.

Here I want to put a little fuss on the suicide. Suicide is the acting of making an attempt to die by themselves. These suicide cases are mostly found in youngsters. They took such a type of decisions in order to free themselves, because they cannot handle the life anymore in this world. I wonder that what made them to take such type of decisions and what let them to such extreme positions that they cannot control their emotions. As a thinking human being one should control the emotions to a greater extent. Because emotions play a major role in taking of such a false decisions in life.

Giving up the life is not the solution to eradicate the problem. Proper examine of the situation will let you to know some answers to the problem before you. In this modern world one need to be very intelligent in order to survive themselves. Because intellectual thinking gives us solutions.One should be very friendly and expressive to share they opinions. So that any one can help them.This highly educated world has unreasonable demands for the people. The People should face them as a challenge to them without giving up.

In my life I had come across several cases of suicide attempts. I found that all those incidents are due to lack of proper understanding of life. We all know that life is very short we have to enjoy it most. I changed the mindset of many people who made attempts for suicide. I gave suggestions and tips to solve the problems. I impressed them by saying some words which made them to feel ashamed of themselves for choosing such a decision. Almost all the people changed and leading a wonderful life on this world.

I am very much interested in reading the novels based on the story.i found the Story of the Suicide is very much interested which was written by sriram Ayer. In the story i had come across the challenges ,friendship,afraid, hungry etc.

Here the story circulates mainly between the following characters.They are Sam, Charu, Mani and Hari. All of them are in great relationship between them. They respect each other, love one another and care of each other.They are very expressive in their feelings. They had a clear mindset for future.

I found that I character suits as charu because she is the girl who lives in hostels since her childhood. Her studies are going on with donations from others. She is lovable, friendly in nature, cares for others and also help others a lot. Mani the hostel mate of charu hanged by himself to a a fan. Charu on looking it voluntarily untied the rope and informed the dean about the situation and had take him to the nearby hospital to save him.

Here i want to narrate a small story of my best Manu who had hanged herself to a tree. We both are living in a room near to our college. she is the girl who had completed all her degree in Telugu as the language. She has been converted into English in MS. I am pursuing my studies in English since my childhood.

One day when she was alone she thought to give up this world by committing a had been brought to my notice and I advised her not to take such decisions in life. We have face them energetic. Don’t be afraid whatever the situation may be.I asked her the reason for such a false decision.She didn’t gave any reply.She is little expressive and keep all in her mind.she won’t share her feelings and problems as I does. I had taken it lite.

But the other day she again tried for the suicide by hanging to a tree which is outside of my room. I was shocked and ran towards her to untie the rope. But i could do it alone I called the people around me and untied her. At that particular time we found her difficulty of breathing and had taken her to the nearby hospital.The doctor arrived and i informed about her, on seeing the patient he said that you bought her in right time.In case of late she may had died. You had done an excellent job said the doctor and gone away.I informed to their parents about her.They had came to the hospital.I had seen their parents were crying like a small children about her condition. After two days my friend came back to normal position and discharged.

She came to the room and I started talking to her in mean while I again asked about the incident happened.Why you did such a practice. She answered me saying that she could not continue her study in English. She found like like a rope tied to her neck. She thought that not to give pain to their family members. I will not pass this year exams as well. I shouted on her,why your taking such a false decisions on silly reasons its not at all right.It is quiet unreasonable.

You are the elder in your family you must take proper decision and should motivate your family. Giving up your life is not the matter see how much it troubles your family members. You had to think bravely and took it as a challenge to overcome the problem. You should be in front and stand for your family members.

In the hospital i found your family with complete disappointment and sorrow in their minds. I think they had great expectations on you. We should be very active and work well to make your family happy.We should be an example for your siblings in future.They had to follow you. So it depends on you if you think clearly and cleverly each and every problem can be solved, If you had asked me I should have given suggestions on how to improve yourself in English. You know my capability right now and anytime I am there to help you my friend.

A friend in need is friend in deed.

I found it’s always good to take suggestions from family members and friends if you can’t solve it alone.So be practical and don’t give up for silly reasons.Think before you does it.I totally educated her about her life and family.I brought her to the normal state.Right now she begins her studies with a great effort and started thinking that every problem is a small in front of her.She is very thankful to me as I motivated and deviated her from such problems. Now she is fine with her life and enjoying the most. After few years in my life i had found her as an famous English novelist. So we should think before taking a decision twice. We can find solution to every problem,but time follows, wait until with hope and not to give up your life.